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Gharb Residents Association hold protest meeting

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Gharb Residents Association hold successful protest meetingOnce again within a week, the Gharb Residents Association joined forces with other entities and organisations to protest against the proposed mushroom factory in Gharb on over 12,000 square meters of agricultural land in an Outside Development Zone, only a few meters away from a residential area.

Victor Galea, spokesperson for the Gharb Residents’ Association said, “We thank all the organisations that are supporting this cause. In particular I want to mention the Moviment Graffiti who at the beginning of this week protested in front of the MEPA Offices and particularly mentioned the proposed factory in Gharb. It is now clear that when people are ready to show their faces, their plea should fall on those who safeguard the quality of life in our country”.

With reference to the Project Description Statement (PDS) commissioned by the developers, Mr Galea added, “Since 2003, MEPA recommended a site at the Xewkija Industrial area but when they realised that there is a residential area within the zone, the MEPA advice then was to withdraw this application due to the fact that this development will create problems to the residents there.” Mr Galea added, “Therefore if MEPA allows this development in Gharb, it would be contradicting itself because if it’s not good for the people living in Xewkija, then it should not be good for the people living in Gharb.”

“We suggest that such a proposal for a mushroom factory should never be proposed near any residential area in Gozo. It is enough that in Gharb we still have the raw sewage outflow in Wied il-Mielah Valley, the odour of chicken manure for a mushroom farm will add to the further deterioration of the health and safety of the residents here,” concluded Mr Galea.

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    7 Responses

    1. frank azzopardi says:

      Protestors are not against the mushroom factory development however they are against the proposed site which is only metres away from their residential properties in which they have lived for years.

    2. I wonder what is the real intention behind this proposal. For sure if this Outside Development Zone become desturbed…it would then be a good excuse to apply for a couple of villas with a countryside view. We have enough examples of this sort in Gozo and Malta

    3. Anthony Camilleri says:

      I wonder where is Nature Trust and Alan Deidun -the ‘environmentalist’ in favour of this development.

      Can you believe it? This is what he wrote back in December before he contested for the MEP elections under the GonziPN ticket:

    4. Victor Galea says:

      Dear Mr. camilleri,
      I think you posted the wrong link.
      It is correct to say that Dr. Deidun wrote against this proposal as you stated.
      But then he wrote in its favour it a few weeks later here:
      I think this is what you found rather of a ‘wonder’.

    5. Oisin Jones-Dillon says:

      In respect of this ‘Gharbitrary’ planning proposal, see:

      Oisin Jones-Dillon

    6. Julian Bourne says:

      I agree that this protest is not against the mushroom factory development but totally against the proposed site which is only metres away from domestic dwellings that have stood in place and been occupied for many years.

      A more suitable site must be found.

    7. Don Wood says:

      If the aim of this mushroom factory is to use up the surplus chicken waste on Gozo why is it not at the other side of the island where the majority of chickens are raised. I suspect other reasons for him trying to acquire this land, it needs to be stopped.

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