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The main highlights of tonights Budget 2010

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The main highlights of tonights Budget 2010Update: Some of the main highlights that have been announced in tonights Budget 2009 are as follows:

The area of land Zwieqa at Mgarr will become a seashore promenade with €1.3m invested in it.

The Cittadella master plan will continue.

€1.3m will be invested in the rehabilitation of the Villa Rundle Gardens.

 €3.3m to be  invested in the Gozo General Hospital, which will enable the purchase of new equipment, the carrying out of refurbishment works, a Radiology Unit to be established and the purchase of 2 ambulances.  

A Waste Transfer Station will be constructed  for waste recycling, and valleys will be rehabilitated.

The Mgarr Road is to be improved and money invested in a new bus terminus in Victoria.

Cost of living increase will be €5.82 per week.

The €16.31 levy on credit cards to cease and the licences for boats to be reduced.

The duty on cigarettes will rise by 15 cents.

The tax credit is to rise to 60% for Gozitan firms.

The government is expecting a GDP growth of 1.0% in 2010.

The government deficit for this year is predicted to be €217.6 million, or 3.79 per cent of the GDP.

A sum of more that €16 million is to be invested in the Xewkija, Kordin, Bulebel, Mosta and Hal-Far industrial areas. A partnership with the private sector will enable two micro-enterprise parks in Xewkija and Mellieha to be set up.

There will be an increase in budget for the Malta Tourism Authority.

VAT on restaurants remains the same.

There will be financial childcare incentives to all mothers who are undergoing training programmes, along with the intention of opening more SmartKids centres.

€3.3m to be allocated to the ETC for new ideas on how to encourage people back to work.

In order to encourage more families to foster children, the benefit is to be increased from €40 a week to €70 a week.

The Child-in-Care Benefit is to be paid until they are  21 years of age rather than 18,  provided the child is not working.

There will be an allocation of funds to reduce hospital waiting lists.

Investment in smart electricity meters.

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    2 Responses

    1. Roy Perry says:

      So, no joy for the 403 people who have voted for an airstrip in Gozo. Instead the money is to be spent on a decorative but pointless promenade at Mgarr Harbour.

      It really beggars belief!

      An airport runway would cost LESS THAN €500,000.

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Give it a rest Roy. The population of Gozo as I understand it is in the region of 31,000. Who cares about the 403 who voted for an airstrip?

      You say that a runway would cost less than €500,000 but you fail to mention the cost to the island in lost revenue from tourists giving the place a miss.

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