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AD supports Climate Summit demonstration in Copenhagen

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Alternattiva Demokratika supports Climate Summit demonstrationAlternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party joins the hundreds of organisations in support of the demonstration to be held on the 12th of December in Copenhagen during the UN Summit on Climate Change.

Arnold Cassola, Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, stated, “We need our planet to be in good shape if we want to ensure decent and healthy living conditions for present and future generations. Let us make our voice heard to ensure that in Copenhagen governments stop thinking of their narrow and very transient national interest and instead take the real and appropriate holistic measures to help our planet which ultimately means helping ourselves.”

AD joins all the international climate and green organisations and networks, trade unions, peace, solidarity and human relief organisations and movements, political and other civil society organisations who are pushing for concrete climatic action, under the slogan “Planet first, people first.”

Meanwhile, a resolution adopted by the European Parliament today with a big majority (516 votes for, 92 against, 70 abstentions) calls on the EU to improve its negotiating position both as regards emissions targets but also on the crucial issue of climate financing.

The EU has continued to avoid adopting a clear pledge on climate finance, preferring to play a kind of poker game in the negotiations. MEPs today called for the EU to commit at least 30 billion Euro per annum by 2020.

A bold move like this could breathe new life into the climate talks ahead and convince other countries to go the extra mile in Copenhagen and agree a deal that is consistent with limiting warming to 2°C. Despite the pessimism of last week, the EU and the UNFCCC have continued to stress that the Copenhagen summit can and must deliver agreement on the key political issues (like emissions targets and financing), with the full legal treaty to be finalised in 2010.

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