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The President of Malta visits Santa Marta Centre

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The President of Malta visits Santa Marta CentreAs part of activities being organised during the week of disabled persons in Gozo, President George Abela, visited the Santa Marta day centre in Victoria. This center has been offering services to disabled adults in Gozo for the last few months, having been inaugurated last June by the Prime Minister, Lawrence Gonzi.

About forty people from around Gozo with special needs, regularly make use of this center during the day, which is equipped to meet their daily needs.

The Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono accompanied the President during his visit. They were present for the Mass celebrated by H.E. Mgr. Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo. They also were able to meet with the employees and disabled who attend the center as well as some of their family who were present for the occasion.

The inauguration took place of a multisensory room which will be used for the stimulation of the senses using aids in a relaxed atmosphere. This helps to improve coordination between the eyes and hands through various motor exercises. A portrait of Santa Marta completed by a worker at the Santa Marta centre was also inaugurated.

President George Abela expressed how important the Santa Marta Centre is, giving people with disabilities the greatest of opportunities.

The Gozo Minister spoke about the work of the Ministry for Gozo in the field of disability. She explained how the Santa Marta centre is providing services from a central location to promote integration in a society where nobody is left behind.

The Minister mentioned the gap in the quality of these services before they were transferred to this new center.

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