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Survey shows ICT usage in households is increasing

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Survey shows ICT usage in households is increasingA survey on ICT usage among households and individuals revealed that computer and internet access amongst Maltese households rose to 67 per cent and 64 per cent respectively.

Profile of ICT availability in households

Figures from a survey carried out among a representative sample of persons aged 16-74 revealed that 67 per cent and 64 per cent of households had access to computer and internet respectively.

Different penetration rates were obtained when comparing internet access by household type and household income. In fact, internet access in households rose from 36 per cent for households earning less than €10,000 to 93 per cent for households earning €25,000 or more.

Profile of ICT by individuals

More than half of the individuals aged 16-74 in Malta and Gozo made use of computer and internet. These figures were highest among persons aged between 16 and 24 averaging over 90 per cent for both sexes. Internet usage was also very high for persons with higher achieved levels of education. The number persons who had accessed the internet during the three months prior to this survey comprised 97 per cent of all students as well as 72 per cent of those employed.

Amongst those who used the internet in the last three months, nearly all individuals accessed the internet at home, while another 35 per cent used it at work. Furthermore, the use of internet for sending/ receiving e-mails was widespread, with an estimated 89 per cent saying that they had used the internet for this purpose.

Nearly 40 per cent of those using internet in the last three months said that they used e-government services to obtain information from Public authorities’ websites. Another 27 per cent said that they used e-government services to download official forms.


The results of the survey indicate that 58 per cent of the persons using the internet within the last three months, ordered or purchased goods and services by means of the internet in the twelve months prior to the survey. The majority of these persons opted to purchase from retailers outside the European Union. An analysis of the type of products bought over the internet during the reference period shows the most popular item category being clothing and sport goods. The analysis also shows that 41 per cent of individuals using e-commerce in the last 12 months spent between €100 to €500 during the reference three month period.

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