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New services offered by the Duke Shopping Complex

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New services offered by the Duke Shopping ComplexThe Duke Foodstore has announced that they have recently upgraded and renovated the entire Butcher-Section. New technology has been introduced and meat will be packed and offered for sale in an innovative and healthy packaging that conforms to EU regulations.

This new development is the result of a joint agreement between the management of the Duke Food store and a-well-known meat ‘artist’ that operates in the European Union market. A new concept is now being introduced whereby fresh and frozen meat will be offered for sale in a totally different way to that prevailing in the Gozitan market. Each and every meat-pack will define its traceability; that is the entire supply chain starting from the birth, growth to the slaughtering section. Unlike the prevailing way of selling meat, every single pack, in this new concept, will be labeled with information re price per kilo, the price for the single package, packing date, expiry date, cooking recommendations and storage instructions.

The innovative development will ensure the quality, the freshness and the integrity of the meat that is naturally bred according to all EU standards. Because of its vacuum pack, this fresh meat can now be stored for two weeks in the fridge prior to being placed in the deep freeze. Furthermore, this system offers an added convenience to customers, as the meat packs are always readily available for self-service on the electronically controlled counters at The Duke’s Food store and in the near future in other Lighthouse Supermarkets.

Notwithstanding a healthier way of delivering meat, The Duke’s clients will benefit from a user-friendly packaging of a wider range of meat sold at very competitive prices. The Duke Food store is proud to launch this innovative meat project that is in line with its motto of ‘delivering the best quality and service’ to its highly-respected clientele.

The photograph shows the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, visiting the premises and meeting the Directors of the complex as well as the shop owners, where she said that the new establishment resulted in more job opportunities for Gozitans.

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    1. Jason says:

      All us Gozitans welcome new development such as this .

      But we certainly would prefer if it was some sort of factories that would employ several more people because over here we need work DESPERATELY

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