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Light on the Darkness of Today – Bishop Mario Grech

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Light on the Darkness of Today - Bishop Mario Grech“Christmas instils hope for those who are walking in the darkness of life, because at the birth of Christ ‘The light shone in the darkness, but the darkness could not overpower it.’

When Jesus was born three types of people were in darkness who, when they met the child Jesus, experienced the dawning of a new day. In these categories of people we recognise human experiences of today.

The shepherds – who were poor – remind us of the poor in our time. Unfortunately, poverty is increasing. Beside those who never had anything, nowadays new poor are being created. There are persons and families who are finding it difficult to bear certain financial burdens, sometimes enforced by law, even in regard to the essential needs of life. The light of Christ helps us to overcome this darkness.

There are those who, like the innkeeper of Betlehem, are so engrossed in their activities that they are only concerned about their profits. These people are so steeped in darkness that they do not notice people in delicate situations knocking at their door. Not only does excessive activity exhaust a person, but it could also be a distraction leading one to ignore whoever is at one’s door including members of one’s own family or other persons in need.

Since the Jewish religion was passing through spiritual and cultural turmoil, very few people remained faithful to their beliefs. Although there had been a time when the people of God were numerous, only a remnant was left. Joseph and Mary were members of this small community who believed that what God promised would come to pass. Like them, in today’s society, Christians must learn to be a ‘minority’ group living in a difficult environment and, at the same time, must not let the darkness intimidate them, even when difficulties are encountered within the Church itself.”

The Bishop of Gozo – Monsignor Mario Grech

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