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The Second Coming of Joan of Arc – G.C.T.C.

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The Second Coming of Joan of Arc - G.C.T.C.Due to popular demand, the Gozo Creative Theatre Club (G.C.T.C) will once again perform The Second coming of Joan of Arc, by Carolyn Gage, an explosive, award-winning, lesbian underground classic that has been performed around the world.

The Gozo Creative Theatre Club (G.C.T.C), a volunteer (non-profit) organisation, regularly produces theatrical performances in Gozo. Mr George Mizzi, the director of the organisation, together with a group of actors have been working on theatrical productions since 2002. The Second coming of Joan of Arc, has already been staged as part of last years Notte Gozitana (Lejliet Lapsi) activities and due to its success this one-woman show about a teen-aged, cross-dressing, runaway, lesbian Joan of Arc who has returned from the dead to share her experiences of patriarchal betrayal with contemporary audiences, will be restaged.

Joan of Arc led an army to victory at seventeen. At eighteen, she arranged the coronation of a king. At nineteen, she went up against the entire Catholic church . . . and lost. Her trial lasted five months, and the testimony by witnesses was carefully transcribed by notaries. Twenty years after her death, a new trial was authorised, and again detailed records were kept. There was testimony by her childhood playmates, by her parents, by the women who slept with her, by the soldiers who served under her, by the priests who confessed her, by those who witnessed and administered her torture. She is the most thoroughly documented figure of the fifteenth century. Joan was anoretic. She was a teenage runaway. She had an incestuous, alcoholic father. She slept with women. She died for her right to wear men’s clothing. She was defiant, irreverent, more clever than her judges, unrepentant, and unfailingly true to her own visions.

Carolyn Gage is one of the most prolific and controversial contemporary playwrights. She is the author of six books on lesbian theatre, and more than fifty-five plays. The play has won literary awards and is used as a textbook for courses on women’s studies, queer studies, and theatre. Gage has toured with the play to dozens of colleges and universities, as well as conferences and festivals. The Second Coming of Joan of Arc has been called a manifesto, an epic, an underground classic, an exorcism, a catharsis, a channeling, a recruiting speech, a piece of propaganda, a deconstruction, a revisionist view of history, a reclamation, a diatribe. But whatever the label, the play continues to catalyze women’s anger, and its remarkable history makes it a watershed in the history of women’s theatre.

The Second coming of Joan of Arc will be staged at Brookies Bar, Victoria, Gozo on Friday, the 29th, Saturday, the 30th and Sunday, the 31st of January, at 7.30pm onwards.

Tickets are €5 and are available for sale at Swan Bookshop and Card Gallery, 40A Palm Street, Victoria, Telephone: 21555811, e-mail:

Enquiries can also be made by contacting The Gozo Creative Theatre Club directly on 79303101, 99486391 or e-mail Tickets are also available at the door. Please note that the seating for this performance is limited and therefore advanced booking is highly recommended.

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