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A Foundation that generates hope – Mgr Mario Grech

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A Foundation that generates hope - Mgr Mario GrechOn Monday the Bishop of Gozo Mgr Mario Grech, made a courtesy visit to the Richmond Foundation in the latter’s administrative centre in Santa Venera. He was taken to see Villa Chelsea and the Foundation’s hostel in Floriana. At the end of his visit the bishop made the following comment:

“The visit I made this morning to the Richmond Foundation, particularly in Villa Chelsea and its hostel in Floriana, fills me with great hope.

There I met the persons responsible for management and also some members of staff, who are not only motivated to help persons with mental health difficulties to recover or to learn to live as normal a life as possible, but who also believe that every person is capable of actively participating in weaving one’s own history and that of others. Everything indicates that for the Foundation the human person, particularly the sick person, is the central focus of concern; therefore, the structure is there to be at the service of the person, and the person is not there to serve as a platform to justify the continuing existence of the structure or to be exploited for some gain.

The work of the Foundation and similar organizations serves to knock down the walls that have been raised over the years to isolate those who were most in need of being shown love. Initiatives like those being used by the Foundation confirm that, by themselves, medicine and technology are not sufficient for achieving healing but a large dose of genuine love is necessary.

In a society like ours, where efficiency and gain are often the measure of a person’s validity, and also at a time where the rights of the weak are becoming weak rights – with the consequence that there is a risk of society becoming poorer and more exclusive – the work of the Foundation deserves every support and appreciation.”

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