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MEPA rejects Ta Marga valley development application

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MEPA rejects Ta Marga valley development applicationAt a meeting held this morning the MEPA Development Control Commission rejected the Ta Marga Valley development application.

The development application consists of an apartment block with basement garages and houses with pools, which could endanger the value of the ecological Qala Valley landscape.

A group of environmental NGOs, in particular the Friends of the Earth Malta, The Ramblers’ Association and FAA, had expressed their grave concern that if the development had been approved it would have ruined the valley.

A report carried out by the Malta Resources Authority by one of its senior hydrologists, has showen that a development at Ta Marga Valley could at some time cause flooding in the area. All three experts that had been called in to make reports, had raised concerns and not one gave approval for the project.

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    5 Responses

    1. jason says:

      Wow what a great news and photo

      Is this a post card or Qala valley itself? .How come a place like this be in the hanging balance of some scrupulious developers .

      Well done to all those involved .Never give up.

    2. Marion says:

      Wonderful news, and a victory for common sense. Perhaps there IS hope for the future of this beautiful island after all.

    3. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Fantastic news! A big thank you to all the NGO’s involved and to Pawlu. A thank you as well to the MEPA officials who seem to have seen the light at last (at least until next time).
      A message to future developers, architects, MEPA officials, council members, and the general public, please preserve Gozo while there is still something left to preserve!

    4. U Greenland says:

      Great News!!! Qala is so beautiful!! Thank you MEPA for protecting our beautiful VALLEY and many thanks go to the NGO’s involved, to Pawlu and his team who worked so hard to preserve the beauty of the environment, to Marco Cremona who gave his very best and expressed himself so well in his report – prosit!!, to the Council and to all those involved who showed concern and helped in some way or another to let us all enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature. Well done my friends!!!

    5. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Yes very well done to all the NGO’s concerned and of course to Pawlu for all the work he does to protect Qala. Lets just hope that MEPA don’t overturn this decision at some point in the future as they have done in the past.

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