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MEPA to meet to consider sanctions on Dwejra boathouses

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MEPA to meet to consider sanctions on Dwejra boathousesDuring a public hearing to be held tomorrow, the MEPA board will consider the sanctioning of boathouses which had been built or extended without permits in Dwejra.

In February 2008 the board approved seven applications, with the board’s discussion focusing on issues such as the bank guarantees involved, the removal of toilets from the boathouses and the compliance with the action plan.

At that time it was pointed out that the action plan stipulates that public toilets must be provided, as the existing toilets had to be removed from the boathouses, as well as that doors must be wooden and that all traffic down to the inland sea should be banned.

The agenda of tomorrow’s meeting, states the board are being asked to consider the saction of the following:

Six boat houses being built

An existing bar being extended

Two boat houses being extended

A fishery store being built

When the board met in 2008 they decided at that time to defer its decision on two of the boathouses and to ask the applicants to amend their plans, in particular by lowering certain walls to a maximum height of 1.2metres. In one such case, the applicant was also requested to remove an aperture from the same wall and additionally to remove part of the boathouse’s structure.

Last month the MEPA board approved the controversial ‘interpretation centre’ at Dwejra.


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    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      This meeting is a waste of environmentalists time and taxpayers money – it is further proof, if any is needed – of the state of corruption and mismanagement certain sectors of the current administration are in. This is just another slap in the face for so-called law and order and those involved should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

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