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UK no fly zone causes widespread disruption across Europe

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UK no fly zone causes widespread disruption across EuropeUpdate: Volcanic ash from an erupting volcano in Iceland has forced the complete closure of British air space and disrupted flights across northern Europe.

Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority ordered the grounding of all flights in British airspace from 12.00 noon GMT until at least 6.00am GMT tomorrow due to the safety risk posed by the volcanic ash. Airports in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway and Sweden. 

Most of tonights flights from Malta International Airport have already been cancelled and passengers are advised to check the status of their flights during the coming days, prior to leaving for the airport.

A spokesman for the British Meteorological office has said that the problem could persist for a number of days and he did not expect that the closure order would be lifted for some considerable time.

Volcanic ash, which is primarily composed of pulverised rock and glass, can completely block jet engines and could cause a catastrophic total loss of power.

On Friday the 16th of April, The National Air Traffic Control Service announced it has closed all British Airports until at least 1am tomorrow, Saturday, the 17th of April, with the disruption possibly going on for some considerable time.

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