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Save Hondoq condemns arrogance at public hearing on EIA

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Save Hondoq condemns arrogance at public hearing on EIAThe movement ‘Save Hondoq` condemns the attitude of MEPA and the developers at the public hearing of the environmental impact assessment of Hondoq. It condemns without reservation the attitude and arrogance of numerous individuals and MEPA on the manner that foreigners were dealt with during the hearing.

In the meeting, there were a number of foreigners who reside in Qala and turned up for the hearing. It was shameful how these people were insulted by members of the public in favour of the development to the extent that some of the foreigners walked out. The attitude of MEPA that there is a law which states that meeting will be held in Maltese is not sufficient. The foreigners who turned up for the meeting are residents of Qala and they have the right to know and participate in the public hearing about the project at Hondoq.

‘Save Hondoq’ would like to thank Astrid Vella for Flimkien Ghall Ambjent, Alex Vella on behalf of Ramblers, David Pisani from Zminijietna, other NGOs and numerous individuals. We would like to thank Qala Local Council and its consultants, two of whom were present and talked during the hearing. Alan Deidun put a strong argument against the marina. Making reference to official policies, not cited in the EIA, he argued that the project is not acceptable from a marine environment point of view. Environment planning consultant Lino Bianco, who made the shortest intervention, questioned how differently the EIA, which is meant to be a scientific study of the impacts of the project, will read if it were a document intended to sell the project.

Save Hondoq

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    3 Responses

    1. Mario says:

      Eco Gozo at it’s best. Not to let foreigners that especially live in Qala speak is SHAMEFULL. Is this the new MEPA reform?

    2. Lesley kreupl says:

      It would be interesting to know where the developers found all the unruly anti-English thugs and how much they paid them – is this their idea of creating jobs on Gozo?

      Surely it is clear that the majority of residents are against the marina and hotel project – is Malta a democracy or is it the Zimbabwe of the Mediterranean as someone nicknamed it recently? How very sad for this still beautiful island.

    3. Rene O'Hara says:

      When we came to Gozo we thought that everyone on this island was nice & frendly towards us new comers, however the way we were treated by the so called speculators and Mepa, we have now decided to move out and return home, bearing in our minds the rudeness of such ignorant and ill-mannered individuals.

      Sorry but just being honest and definetly not amused by such rudeness. How can Gozo create jobs for their youngsters if we are made to turn away and stopped from bringing much need income to this once a beautiful island of Gozo.

      It seems that some people qre not thinking ahead and are literally cutting thier OWN throats…

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