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Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla is completely unacceptable

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Israeli attack on Gaza aid flotilla is completely unacceptableAD has joined the European Green Party in condemning in the strongest possible terms the attack by Israeli forces on ships transporting humanitarian aid to Gaza which has resulted in the deaths of at least 10 people and many more serious injuries.

European Green Party Co-Spokespersons, Monica Frassoni and Philippe Lamberts, said, “There can be no justification for this illegal use of excessive force in international waters. We share the outrage felt by people throughout the world at this attack which has killed at least 10 activists and left dozens more seriously wounded. We send our condolences to the families of the victims. While the Israeli authorities like to label the activists as “pro-Palestinian,” they are in fact “humanitarians” trying to deliver essential aid to the people of Gaza, aid which cannot otherwise be transported because of the blockade imposed by Israel. The EU and the international community in general must put pressure on Israel to lift this blockade so that humanitarian aid convoys like the one which has been attacked will no longer be necessary. We must also point out that one of the reasons that Israel felt it could act in the way it has because the EU and wider international community had not given their support to the aid convoy. The EU and the UN must act with the greatest urgency to get aid to the people of Gaza who so desperately need it. It is imperative that an international inquiry is immediately set up to establish the facts of this attack.”

Arnold Cassola, spokesperson on International and European Affairs said AD joined the European Greens’ concerns and added, “Alternattiva Demokratika deplores the use of violence on anybody’s part in Gaza. Today’s deaths are a shame for all those involved. AD asks the Maltese government to use its influence with Malta’s EU partners to demand from the Israeli government an immediate and quick inquiry on what happened today. The Israeli government should immediately allow all humanitarian aid into Gaza. The present blockade will only serve to increase the suffering of all concerned.”

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