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World Environment Day celebrations held in Wied il-Lunzjata

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World Environment Day celebrations held in Wied il-LunzjataOn the occasion of World Environment Day, the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, announced that the Ministry for Gozo has identified four new sites for tree planting in Gozo, which are in Xaghra, Nadur, the Three Hills Garden and Mgarr. Work is due to start on the sites over the coming weeks

Meanwhile, about 60 students who attend the Gozo Centre for Arts and Crafts, participated in the programme of activities organised by the Ministry for Gozo on the occasion of World Day for the Environment, with this years theme Many Species. One Planet, One Future.

The activities were concentrated at Wied il-Lunzjata, between Victoria and Kercem, they included stories for children between 5 and 7 years, session work work made from recycled materials, drawing, another session of lace for children, plant care, feeding sheep, games for children and a variety of activities for everyone.

In her message on the occasion of this world day, the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono said that is not enough that these activities raise awareness about the importance of "safeguarding the environment." Everyone should do their share and take action to help in protecting the various species on our planet.

Through these activities, Gozo today joined Malta and more than hundred other countries around the world to commemorate this day, which has been celebrated since 1972.

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    2 Responses

    1. Clive Stenley says:

      Planting Trees at World Environment Day.

      What about Wied Ghajn Qasab? ? Way about 5,OOO fruit trees are going to be destroy with contaminated water? ? and then planting wild savage trees !!!.

      The Planing Authority MEPA should be ashamed of their people when a permit for a New cemetery at Nadur was issued on the, 5th June 2OO7, When The World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1972.

    2. Vikky Thomas says:

      Through these activities of celebrating the World Environment Day, I have the feeling that people involved in this horrible Nadur permit mentioned in the upper comment will never find peace in their life. To destroy such crystal clear spring water is a big mistake, that could happen on this very dry Island.

      Water is a universal solvent, water has a unique surface tension and can flow upwards bringing nutrients to the top of very tall trees.

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