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GTA calls for Gozo to be cleaned up and properly maintained

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GTA calls for Gozo to be cleaned up and properly maintainedThe Gozo Tourism Association has said that develoment and maintenance of the tourism product is the key to increasing the diversity, distinctiveness and appeal of Gozo for both foreign and local visitors. The Association said that if Gozo is to keep on attracting tourists and higher spending visitors, much more has to be done in the upkeep and maintenance of the Island’s touristic product.

The GTA went on the say, that, for the umpteenth time, it is calling on Government, both central and local, to take proper care of the upkeep and maintenance of the tourism product on the Island of Gozo. The GTA council said it is concerned that during the height of the summer season, when Gozo is welcoming more than usual of both foreign and local tourists, certain frequented resorts and tourist spots still lack any proper organisation or maintenance.GTA calls for Gozo to be cleaned up and properly maintainedBeing such a small Island, Gozo should not pose any great difficulty to maintain or keep clean or properly organized. Such upkeep and maintenance generally only involves manpower and with very little financial investment or EU funding necessary. The removal of disused trailers from our resorts, or the renewal of missing information signs from the salt pans and the replacement of the old oil tanks which are currently used as litter bins on Gozo’s ten beaches by modern ones, certainly does not require any extraordinary efforts to implement, the GTA said.

In this regard, it is distorted, that while the island is being marketed as a beautiful natural destination, when it is visited it is so obviously lacking in proper upkeep or maintenance. The photographs which were recently received by the Association, taken by a foreign couple who spend their holiday in Gozo every year, are ample proof, that those responsible are totally unaware of what is lacking in the product Gozo is offering.

The Association concluded by saying that to improve the overall touristic product and provide an authentic Gozitan experience, both central and local government need to make concentrated and united efforts in systematically caring for and maintaining our tourist resorts and attractions, not only during the summer months, but also throughout the entire year.

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    9 Responses

    1. PCaruana says:

      Its a shame that Gozo is in this pitiful state when years ago we used to say that its a gem, but unfortunately the authorities have no interest in Gozo where it regards tourism since they don’t get any votes from there. It’s a shame on the Ministry and all those concerned. My last word goes to the GTA to keep on harping and harping, although in deaf ears maybe who knows someday someone will try to do something for our beautiful island Gozo.

    2. Benny Vergote says:


      We’re a Belgian couple that has lost our heart in Gozo. We visit the beautiful island several times a year.

      It’s likely that there will be no great efforts to clean some spots.

      Wouldn’t it be easier if a group of volunteers start up and clean organized some spots of the island with the approval of higher councils.

      Off course it takes time and people won’t be appreciated more by doing this but it’s now that people need to react while tourism is still very important.

    3. CAB says:

      At least the GTA recognise there is a problem. I have taken so many photos of the rubbish around the island, It makes me ashamed to say to friends who ask how nice is Gozo. It used to be unspoilt and nice to stroll around, but not any more, I just go from a to b and close my eyes from the mess around me. Rats and cockroaches everywhere too, broken tourist signs, broken seats in Victoria, everywhere is becoming so neglected and yet more ugly properties are being built with no one to buy them. If the government and ministry don’t get their act together the tourists will stop coming. So, GTA please continue and lets hope something will be done soon. As a previous person has said Gozo is only a small island and where is the ‘old pride’ of the people to keep their island nice..

    4. JOHN B CAMILLERI says:

      I am not at all against any voluntary work. But it’s a fact known to one and all that there are people employed on a full time basis to carry out any cleaning that this our small Island needs. Frankly I do not agree that such an important sector should rest of the voluntary works. What our Island needs are committed inspectors to check out that those assigned with such a important activity, do their job. Besides I strongly feel that any irresponsibles who are caught dumping any kind of waste no matter what and where, should be brought to the book without the interference of any BIG BROTHER ! ! !


    5. Ulrike Kneihsl says:

      It’s really a shame, we come to Gozo for 20 years and now we live here for 4 years, but it goes down……
      It was a gem but now I can say the same like Mr. Caruana

    6. Peter Cardona says:

      Specially when big concrete blocks are built around Gozo,on agricultural land or outstanding beautoful scenery, one such ugly monster is at Nadur on the way to Ramla Bay, a Cemetery project, that destroyed the nature of the Nadur landscape.

    7. However says:

      I do not quite understand why would there be a need for volunteer and/or Government-sponsored effort to clean up the sites (except, of course, those owned by the State). All land belongs to someone, be that a private person, a business, a local council, or the State. Hopefully, keeping the land clean, neat and not leaving it unsightly is an obligation imposed on the owners by law? If not, such law must be adopted, and in whichever case it needs to be enforced with necessary strength, even if it is owned by the State. I agree with Mr. Camilleri. This, however, cannot be done with politically and socially dependent environment and planning authority.

      I know Malta and Gozo is not Germany, Netherlands, or Denmark. Yet even in the Southern culture, even in a relatively small nation there is a majority of decent people who could take care of their own country’s environment. During my 10 years here even I know enough of them. Just why they are not getting enough say? Time to wake up?

    8. Tony Stivala says:

      Hi John B, you might have noticed that this week our Mayor was helping with the cutting of the grass growth from under the pavements. Since then I learned that the government has provided two part time workers to do odd jobs in the local council. And that is every council in Malta and Gozo

      Have you ever seen them sweating or doing anything ( oh sorry I saw one of them sitting on the bench texting on his mobile phone) Why has Gozo come to this state? Might as well adopt our Mayor’s attitude and “If you want a good job done do it yourself.” Joking apart I agree with you and I think heads should roll and get them to start cleaning.

    9. Gozoroo says:

      Unfortunately the majority still have the mentality of “I’m alright and F*@#** you Jack.”
      Yep they’ll never change!!!!!!!!!!!

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