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Liquigas announces changes to LPG prices from tomorrow

Liquigas announces changes to LPG prices from tomorrowLiquigas Malta has annnounced that there will a reduction in LPG prices with effect from tomorrow, Sunday, the 1st of August 2010.

The company went on to say that this is the second price revision to take place over last two months following July’s price adjustment.

Liquigas said that the latest price adjustment was the due to the favourable fluctuations in the euro/dollar exchange rate as well as a slight price decrease of the raw material. This will translate into an average reduction of 6% to the end customer.

The reivised prices are as shown in the table below:

Product Previous Price Revised Price


LPG Mix Propane Gas LPG Mix Propane Gas LPG Mix
Loose Kg €1.20 €1.20 €1.15 €1.20 – €0.05
Cylinder 10Kg €11.80 €11.20 €11.10 €11.20 – €0.70
Cylinder 12Kg €13.90 No Change €13.10 No Change – €0.80
Cylinder 15Kg €17.00 €16.20 €16.00 €16.20 – €1.00
Cylinder 25Kg €27.30 €26.00 €25.70 €26.00 – €1.60
Bulk per Kg €1.10 €1.10 €1.05 €1.10 – €0.05

The LPG prices will be reviewed on a monthly basis as per MRA’s methodology which may result in the selling price varying on a monthly basis to reflect product cost changes on the international markets.

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