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A colourful Gozo sunset photographed from the ferry

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A colourful Gozo sunset photographed from the ferryI thought the readers may like these photos of the sunset which I took last Friday from the ferry as it approached Gozo.

The photos were taken on a Nikon D80 digital SLR and I think are a good reason why using the ferry to get to Gozo is a better idea than any proposed fixed wing link.

James A. Tyrrell

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    27 Responses

    1. Mario says:

      Hi Mr Tyrrell was Photo Shop involved in this magnificent photo?

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Hi Mario,

      Other than for cropping no. No enhancements in PhotoShop and no filters on the lens apart from skylight. Just the natural colour as it happened.

    3. Tonio Schembri says:

      Nice shots. But I wouldn’t use them as a reason not to have fixed wing link between the islands. Imagine the views from up there.

    4. James A. Tyrrell says:

      I’ve seen the views from up there Tonio. It’s a bit difficult to get a decent horizon and foreground.

    5. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Super photos, thank you for sharing them with us. You are right we really don’t need a fixed wing air link – it is bad enough having just a few nosy, noisy things flying around!

    6. Michael M. Bulpin says:

      Thanks for the pictures. You are right about the fixed wing link.

      For goodness sake why is there this ongoing media attention on the travel plans of a few rich people ? It makes no sense. If it is too much trouble to take the ferry, don’t go to Gozo. It’s simple. (We won’t miss you !).

      It is rather disproportionate to contemplate the level of investment and land use required, for such a minimal outcome and to benefit for so few individuals.

      Improve bus services, perhpas. Re-instate a helicopter service, maybe, but a runway to take fixed wing auircraft (when not at war – there was an airstrip in Gozo during WWII) is becoming some kind of fixed-wing obsession with some. What do Gozitan’s think – it’s their island ?

    7. Carmel says:

      @ Michael Bulpin – Yes, it’s our island and we should decide what to build in our country not foreigners. Gozitans are not against a fast link between the islands. Hundreds of Gozitans live in Malta because they can’t cross between the islands every day. The fastest and cheapest way to cross is a bridge or a tunnel. Gozitan workers do not have time to take photos on the ferry. We should wake up at 4.30 a.m. every morning. Photos like this are taken by people who come once in a lifetime and pretend to suggest to us Gozitans what to do.

    8. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Carmel you obviously haven’t read any of my comments in the past have you. I will state again, the people who must decide whether or not they have a fixed wing service are the Gozitan people and no one else. If as you say Gozitans are in favour of a fixed wing air link then put it to a vote. Until that happens why don’t you tell us who are going to use this service everyday. Will you for instance?

      As for me ‘pretending to tell you what to do’ I was brought into the argument by Perry and others like him who seem to think they have the right to speak on behalf of tourists and what we want. As a tourist I can speak for myself, as you have no doubt noticed.

    9. Pamela Debono says:

      I totally agree with you Carmel. We need a faster direct access between the two islands. It’s us gozitans that cross every day for work. And Mr Tyrrell, I don’t know why you speak so much against an airlink when even in your home country there is an airlink between the Aran Islands (ie. Ireland). Did you object to that as well? I have to travel every day to work by ferry all the time waiting for the next one to arrive. I’ve seen the scenes you have photographed but it’s so common now that i don’t take notice anymore. All i want each time is to arrive home to my family fast. I together with so many gozitan workers lose so much time waiting for the ferry because it’s the only service there is. I wish I could be like you and have so much time to spend freely on my hands.

    10. James A. Tyrrell says:

      @Pamela Debono. First off Pamela I’m a working person just like you so I don’t have that much time to spend freely and only get one foreign holiday a year. Secondly as a local living in Gozo and working in Malta you are paying something around 1.50 Euros to use the ferry every day plus a bus fare on the other side. I’m just like you Pamela and when I finish work I can’t wait to get home but are you going to use a fixed wing air service every day to commute to work? Do you think it will cost the same as the ferry? When you realise it will be a lot more expensive will you be willing to pay the extra to use it? Do you work at the airport because if you don’t you will still have to pay for public transport on the other side?

    11. Pamela Debono says:

      Dear James, for your info i start work at 6am so I have to cross each day by my car since there is no public transport at that time so actually i pay 8.15 euros a day plus fuel. And I do work near the airport so it will definitely be cheaper by air and the time I gain I can work part time if I want like our Maltese neighbours do. Also I would like to add I’ve taken several flights sightseeing around the Maltese islands and it’s much more beautiful from up there. Did you have nothing to say about Aran islands airstrip? I for one travelled there as a tourist and am sure was not the only one. Cheers

    12. James A. Tyrrell says:

      @Pamela Debono. So 8.15 euros a day plus fuel is what you are paying now. How much will a return flight cost you daily as you say it will be cheaper? Will the times it is operating suit your working hours? Will you be willing to wait until it has enough passengers on board to make the flight worthwhile or do you think it will fly you over on your own?

    13. Mario says:

      @ Mr Tyrrell,You are spot on on his. When the helicopter used to operate this happened to our friends who had booked and paid the full price to find out that the helicopter was cancelled because it had not enough passengers.They ended coming with the 4am ferry.

      Mrs Debono please see all the whole story especially the reports that were done and ALL showed that it is not SUSTAINABLE

    14. Pamela Debono says:

      Oh come on! Do they wait for full bookings on the Aran islands as well Mr Tyrell? What is so different there from here? And Mario that was 10 years ago what you’re talking about. Did you hear the last one about the ferry? last saturday the 1.15am ferry that operates from mgarr to malta decided to operate at 1 with announcements being made only on the ferry. so those who usually board the 1.15 ferry arrived late and couldn’t cross over. So there you are it isn’t much different is it? At least one will have 2 options to choose from. I certainly would choose the return flight. It only takes 15mins from gozo to LQA airport. So that’s just half an hour a day, while right now it’s four hours on the road, that is when i don’t find lots of traffic and loose the ferry only to wait for a further 1hr or so. Now with the new timetable I have to wake up at 2.00am in order to get the 3.30am ferry as the next ferry is at 5am. I start work at 6am and definitely will not arrive on time. Don’t forget that there are times when even though i’m waiting from 3 am I’m not allowed to board the ferry because there is a long queue. Then if i happen to make it on the ferry i have to bear the animals smell all the way. You can only imagine all passengers including tourists holding their breath and noses until the ferry opens. At least up in the sky we won’t have any cattle travelling with us. So both of you better shut up and see the whole picture of those who cross over every day for work because you just see up to your nose.

    15. James A. Tyrrell says:

      So there you have it Mario. Pamela Debono is obviously in such a highly paid position that she can afford to fly to work everyday. I haven’t met many people like that on Gozo but good luck to her. By the way Pamela you keep going on about the Aran Islands for some reason. I know nothing about the Aran Islands. I have never been there. I have no desire to go there. I live in the North of Ireland, which should have been a clue to you. Obviously not! However I’m sure they don’t operate a one-person airline service similar to what you envisage in Gozo. By the way you haven’t told us what you think the weekly cost will be for your flights to work. Would love to hear that!

    16. Pamela Debono says:

      Mr.Tyrrell, I’m so sorry that you are not correct when you say that i’m highly paid since if it were so I would definitely not need to go to work let alone wish to work part-time which i don’t find time for since i’m travelling most of the time. I’ve talked to those who wish to operate flights between Malta and Gozo and the prices are reasonable to the travel expenditure (when one adds up ferry, fuel and car maintenance) and forget about it being a one-person service. Also a small aircraft will be much cheaper than the heli. If you know nothing about the Aran islands all you have to do is web search. If you have no desire to know about them, then that’s because you definitely don’t want the airstrip and not because you don’t think it will be feasible. Why else don’t you want to compare with other countries ( actually your own). I don’t know what difference it makes if you’re from the north and these islands are West since we’re talking facts here. You don’t care about us gozitans at all. You just think of yourself as you only travel here for holidays and not for work.( talk about who earns a high wage eh!?!!!)

    17. Pamela Debono says:

      By the way, Mr Tyrrell, I’ve read several of your airstrip posts and only foreigners like you supported them. Gozitans don’t bother to comment because they know it’s useless since this debate has been going for years.( Just so you know the airstrip will one day be built whether you like it or not). If you don’t like noise go to Comino or return to Ireland.If you come to Gozo you have to accept what Gozitans have, need and want.( At least that’s what educated people do – when I go to Ireland I accept their way of life and never suggest how they should change, let alone impose on them.) By the way I live very near to the heliport and the noise never bothered me. We gozitans are losing many opportunities because of our isolation. We should one day check statistically how many tourists decide not to visit gozo just because they waste alot of time waiting for the ferry!

    18. Mark Thorogood says:

      At a meeting on the runway a couple of years ago, it was indicated by a supporter of the project that the cost of a return flight would be around € 100.

    19. James A. Tyrrell says:

      @Pamela Debono. Since you seem to be fixated by the Aran Islands you should move there. If you do it is only a 10-minute flight time from the mainland and the cost to you as an adult, if indeed you are one will be 35 Euros. Flight time to Gozo will be 15 minutes so lets say 40 Euros return. As a Gozitan resident you will probably get a reduced fare so lets say 20 Euros or 100 Euros for a 5-day week. If you want to pay that you deserve it.

      By the way if a fixed wing air link is brought into operation it will come about because all the Gozitan people want it not because Pamela wants a private taxi service. With regard to your comment about tourists not visiting Gozo because of the wait on the ferry that is rubbish, as you well know. The ferries operate a very regular service as you also know and I haven’t met a tourist yet who has had a problem with it. I have also spoken to locals who live on Gozo and work in Malta with a two-hour trip to work and a two-hour trip back. Would they use a fixed wing air link? Answer no. Firstly they couldn’t afford it and secondly they live on the island for the peace and quiet, which is the same reason tourists, go there.

      End of conversation as you are boring me.

    20. Pamela Debono says:

      Oh yeah, now i’m boring you. Could that be that now you’ve found a hat that fits you? I’m not going to stop until something is done. I’m fed up of maintaining silence when it’s a necessity. We need another option and will get it whether Mr Tyrrell wants it or not. Gozo is my island so I’m not going anywhere. It’s you who should return to where you belong as we don’t need outsiders deciding for us. You can continue using the ferry as much as you like no one’s stopping you to travel with the cattle at 3.30am but I with many others want a direct, faster service. As for people not wanting the fixed-wing- that’s a big lie. Building an airstrip will involve more jobs as well. We don’t want Gozo to become a retirement island. It is becoming so. Many youths have gone to live in Malta since jobs are scarce here and because they’re tired of the travelling. Oh! i forgot you would love that as you seem to want Gozo for yourself (what one calls egoist and selfish). As for the ferry ‘very regular service’ , that’s the joke of the day. Is it regular between 8pm to 6am? and don’t say there’s no need for it to be because there are many who finish work during the night. Mr Thorogood, I don’t know where you got the 100euros from. You’re saying that a flight Malta-Gozo is more expensive than a flight MLT-Catania. You really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    21. Mark Thorogood says:

      Ms Debono – the € 100 return was quoted by someone in the know who is in favour of the airport. They had no reason to overstate the amount as they were using this figure to justify a new strip, and felt at that price there would be sufficient demand.

      As for “You’re saying that a flight Malta-Gozo is more expensive than a flight MLT-Catania” – no, I’m not, this person was, and you can’t compare a plane with a capacity of 100+ to one of say 10

    22. Mark Thorogood says:

      As a point of reference, the Gozo – Valletta seaplane is € 80 return, not so dis-similar to the € 100 I quoted above, and I suspect the landing fees for runway landings are somewhat more than for landing at sea.

      I’m open-minded about a strip in Gozo, but if it happens it has to make economic sense – how much would you be prepared to pay for a return ?

    23. Pamela Debono says:

      Mr Mark Thorogood, Of course you can’t compare a plane of capacity 100 with one of capacity 10. What will operate between Malta and Gozo will be much smaller and will burn less fuel. Get your facts right because I know someone who said he will operate with much less the 35euros return Mr Tyrell talked about which is already very much less the amount you mentioned.

    24. Mark Thorogood says:

      Ever heard the expression “don’t shoot the messenger”?

      “I know someone who said he will operate with much less the 35euros return” – its a pity you didn’t say that at the start. What I quoted were the facts from an aviation specialist. I’m happy you know someone who will do it much cheaper – I trust that price isn’t dependent on subsidies.

    25. Pamela Debono says:

      Where you found this aviation specialist I don’t know but there are so many others who will tell you different without subsidies entering the story. So there you are, you only state want you want other people to hear. This specialist you found – what shall he be operating with ? “A LEARJET” What you are saying is that a flight with an airbus costs you the same as a shorter flight with an Islander! Get real will you.

    26. Mark Thorogood says:

      Ms Debono – I think you should calm down – as I stated above, the specialist was at a talk about a runway, organised by people in favour of it. They had no reason to overstate the cost, but I accept either he, or your specialist, are wrong, or possibly both are, in their estimate of the likely cost.

      You seem to believe I’m against a runway – I stated above that I was open minded about having a runway, but only if it was economically viable. If a service can be operated for much less than € 35 return, I would happily use it. At € 100 return I wouldn’t.

    27. Pamela Debono says:

      Mr Thorogood, I would like to apologize as I must have misunderstood you. I thought you were all out against the airstrip like Mr.Tyrrell. I wouldn’t use the service for more than €35 return either. But Gozo definitely needs a faster, direct service and so the airstrip would be the best option.

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