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Agnes of God by Gozo Creative Theatre Club a great success

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A sublime Agnes of God by the Gozo Creative Theatre ClubThe latest Gozo Creative Theatre Club production, Agnes of God (by John Pielmeier), was staged at the Citadella Centre for Arts and Crafts in Victoria, Gozo on two consecutive nights in February.

The austere environs of the 15th century women’s prison was a fitting setting for a drama that unfolds inside a nunnery, where the Mother Superior (Mariella Gannon) and psychiatrist Dr Livingstone (Mariella Cassar) probe the discovery of a dead new-born child inside the cell of a young novice Sister Agnes (Julia Camilleri). Is it murder, mystery, or miracle?

The three actresses delivered impressive performances. Both Gannon and Cassar showed fluent control of their lines while their fluctuations of voice and mood effectively conveyed to the audience their passionate struggle with their own faith and suffering.

Julia Camilleri was outstanding in transmitting to the audience the sense of childlike innocence and fragility, coupled paradoxically with memories of her tormented and abusive upbringing. She was sometimes naive, sometimes devastatingly insightful as she went through the dark, shifting mystery of the central event of the play. Her singing in Latin, resonating hauntingly within the massive walls of the building, was an added bonus for the audience inside the intimate theatre space.

This is another successful production by director George Mizzi and the Gozo Creative Theatre Club.

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