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Malta’s link with Atlantis – Wirt Ghawdex’s Latest Lecture

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Malta's link with Atlantis - Wirt Ghawdex's Latest LectureWirt Ghawdex’s latest lecture will be held on Friday, March the 18th, at the Conference Hall, Ministry for Gozo, St Francis Square Victoria. The lecture, entitled ‘Malta’s link with Atlantis’ by Francis Xavier Alonso, will be delivered in English and will start at 18:30 and entry is free of charge.

“The Egyptians engraved on the columns of the temple of Sais the story of Atlantika.”

“The legend of Atlantis is based upon Plato’s account in his Timaeus and Critias. He recorded the entire story of Atlantis which his uncle Solon learnt on his visit to Egypt in 560 B.C.”

“Are the Temples found on these islands the remains of this great Civilisation?”

“In my novel Islands of Dream I state that Malta was the Headquarters of the Great Civilisation of Atlantis. Malta was one of the important centres/cities of Atlantis.”

“During the talk we will explore and discuss the link between Malta and Atlantis.”

“It’s about time that the legend is accepted as recorded yet forgotten history.” Francis Xavier Aloisio

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