Earth Hour 2011: Aurora Opera House, the hour & beyond

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Earth Hour 2011: The Aurora Opera House, to the hour & beyondThis Saturday, March the 26th 2011, the Aurora Opera House in Gozo will join the world-initiative of Earth Hour between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

Earth Hour is a 60-minute lights-out around the world involving over 5 million people in more than 130 countries. The major landmark illuminations will be switched off in an effort to raise awareness about conservation of energy and sustainable living. The Aurora Opera House is registered with this initiative, so that its Earth Hour would be accumulated in the global records.

Earth Hour around the globe

Earth Hour kicked off in 2007 with 2.2 million people. The 2010 edition saw a record of 128 countries. This year, 131 countries have so far confirmed their participation, with a new challenge of going beyond the hour. This new initiative by the WWF aims to have this positive effect of such an exercise going beyond these 60 minutes of lights-out.

Go beyond the hour

Therefore the theatre is disseminating related information to its regular patrons and encouraging them to complement it with other home-initiatives that might help our planet earth. In the same manner we promote arts and culture for an enriched lifestyle, the Aurora Opera House feels duty-bound to encourage friends and acquaintances to embark on more eco-prone ways of living and ways of being.

Green projects at the theatre

In addition, with an eco-friendly disposition, in line with the eco-Gozo line of thought, the Aurora Opera is investing in a number of extensive green projects. One such investment is that of switching to energy-saving lighting fixtures, including stage-lights used for theatre productions. This follows the thorough installation of sensory lighting and water fixtures which control water and electricity consumption. In public venues as large as the Aurora theatre, such systems are known to be economic and efficient both in terms of consumption and environmental impact. The Aurora Opera House has also conducted feasibility studies on the installation of photovoltaic panels for the generation of electricity. These ambitious plans aim to further reduce the carbon footprint of the theatre, possibly neutralising it, as the generation of the total electrical demand is met through solar energy.

Such projects are beneficial not only to the theatre but also to the community at large which is left to enjoy cleaner air. Furthermore, it is a new lifestyle, with a sensitive environmental conscience that the theatre aims to instil in the hundreds of volunteers who work in the cultural field.

Further details may be obtained from or

The Aurora Opera House’s Earth Hour initiative is part of the world-wide Earth Hour 2011 project, administered by the WWF:

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