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Bed situation going from bad to worse at Mater Dei Hospital

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Bed situation going from bad to worse at Mater Dei HospitalThe MUMN has said this morning that the bed situation in Mater Dei hospital has "gone from bad to worse."

The union said, "As well as the four corridor areas (area 2 in the E&A, paedatric corridor, holding bay and discharge lounge) in Mater Dei hospital, where patients are being nursed on stretchers, the day surgery unit is now the area where medical patients are being allocated, after being seen in the E&A department."

The union went on to say, "The area was planned for minor surgery interventions where patients would be discharged on the same day. The unit has already been reduced when 15 medical patients beds where given space there to try to solve the huge problem of bed shortages."

"Now the Day Surgery Unit is taking in double the number of medial cases with the result that insufficient beds are available for day surgery cases. In fact nurses working at the Day Surgery Unit cannot maintain safe standards of practice since there are not sufficient beds left for day surgery. Such lack of safety standards is at the detriment of the patients who could suffer from irrevocable damage due to this shortage of beds within the Day Surgery Unit," the union said

The union said it will therefore order industrial action from next Monday, the 18th of April, if the same situation persists in the Day Surgery Unit, such as patients on wheel chairs after an operation, which is not an ideal safety practice.

The union concluded by saying it hopes the management of Mater Dei hospital will address the bed shortage in the day surgery unit so that industrial action will not be necessary.

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