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NTM action on trenching works at Comino and Dwejra

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NTM action on trenching works at Comino and DwejraNature Trust Malta has said that the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) immediately stopped trenching works on Comino by Enemalta on Wednesday after receiving reports from Nature Trust.

“An enforcement order against the trenching works carried out without a permit was immediately issued by the authority against Enemalta,” NTM said.

“The works were notified to MEPA by Nature Trust’s environmental educator Annalise Falzon who was heading a group of Danish visitors, whose visit to Comino was disturbed by the noise of drilling,” NTM continued.

“Enemalta was excavating the trench to lay an optic fibre cable which was to pass from one end to the other end of the islands passing through sensitive ecological areas.”

“As a Natura 2000 site, Comino forms part of a network of European nature reserves that merit special protection on a European level due to their ecological importance. Comino is also designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC),” NTM said.

NTM concluded by saying “In another report as NTM we have placed our question to Mepa as to why trenching works are being carried out at Dwejra for electricity provision when the site is listed as a dark sky Heritage.”

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    7 Responses

    1. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Answers please.
      Good that MEPA stopped the work on Comino, the question being “would they have bothered had it not been reported?”.

      The Dwejra site is listed as a “dark sky Heritage” site.
      Can someone guarantee that the power is switched off at sunset and only comes on again at sunrise??

      What an expensive joke MEPA has become. How very sad for the islands and for those that stand to inherit them.

    2. Mark says:

      @ NTM and Lesley Kreuple

      the electricity cable is is being done to supply electricity to the new

      INTERPRETATION CENTRE and also for those boat houses that were sanctioned lately.

    3. Lesley Kreupl says:

      I see, said the blind man. I sincerely hope that the San Lawrence tax payers are happy with the way their money is being spent considering that it is meant to be an eco-village. I would have assumed that a fancy, modern, building (holiday villa?), such as the new Interpretation centre would have been equipped with its own solar power supply system!

      Do boat houses need electricity?

    4. Mark says:

      @ Lesley Kreupl

      Of course they will need electricity don’t you know that some of them open as Bars and use their generators.

      It won’t be long that they will apply for it.

      Time will tell.

      I still admire your continuous effort to save our beautiful GOZO

    5. Lesley Kreupl says:

      How silly of me not to remember about the people who use the boat houses as summer residences and the bars. Of course they need fridges and deep freezes and stoves, etc. etc. they will now have and unlimited supply of power, probably for free, as they don’t really exist as residences!

      I do hope that they put a sewage pipe in as well when they built the road, however, I don’t remember seeing one.
      I can only presume/hope that the permit for the interpretation villa included its own sewage holding tank?

      Unfortunately, sooner rather than later, there will be no such thing as “beautiful Gozo”!

    6. John Dabill says:

      This is an extract from the Approved Plan for Qawra/Dwejra Heritage Park Action Plan dated November 2005:

      “ The Qawra/Dwejra area is not linked with the power grid and this characteristic is to be retained. The proposed Interpretation Centre shall therefore be provided with energy through the use of diesel powered super silent 40kVA generator, and seek to supplement the power supply by means of photovoltaic panels and water heating solar panels integrated into the architectural features.”

      So who has commissioned Enemalta to install power cables ??

    7. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Good question Mr. Dabill!

      I am sure nobody is responsible as usual. It was not commissioned and therefore it doesn’t exist.

      I suppose the power used will fall under “power losses/theft” or some such heading which Enemalta always quotes as a multi-million euro figure.

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