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Malta Standards Authority bans ‘Griptight’ baby soothers

Malta Standards Authority bans 'Griptight' baby soothersThe Malta Standards Authority is banning ‘Griptight’ baby soothers. These baby soothers, being distributed for free with Milupa Cereal products have been found to be faulty and pose a serious risk to babies. The hazard in these dummies is created by the tearing off of the teat from the soother, thus creating a serious risk of suffocation for the baby using it.

The Malta Standards Authority said it advises parents to refrain from allowing their children to use these soothers. MSA also advises economic operators having such soothers on their shelves to withdraw them from the market with immediate effect.

the MSA said that economic operators found to display these soothers on their shelves will be liable for enforcement action against them.

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