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Greens call for EU to close its Bluefin tuna fishery season

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Greens call for EU to close its Bluefin tuna fishery seasonThe Greens/European Free Alliance have called for the EU to close its bluefin tuna fishery for the 2011 season as a consequence of the conflict in Libya. The group insists that the conflict in Libya will make it impossible to properly oversee and control fishing of the critically threatened bluefin tuna and that the only solution is to close the fishery.

Green fisheries spokesperson Raül Romeva said, “Closing the entire bluefin fishery for the 2011 season is the only responsible course of action in the current circumstances. Oversight and control of the bluefin fishery, which is difficult at the best of times, will be rendered completely impossible with a major part of the fishery lying in what is a warzone. Given the critical status of bluefin, which is effectively on life support, it would be grossly irresponsible to allow fishing in a situation where proper controls will not be carried out.”

“The EU has a major responsibility for the bluefin tuna fishery given the size of its catches, the number of farms to fatten the tuna and its consumption of tuna. In order to prevent complete anarchy, the EU must close its own purse seine fishery for bluefin tuna for 2011 and begin immediate negotiations with ICCAT, the fisheries management body responsible for bluefin tuna, to close the fishery for all countries.”

“If the fishery goes ahead in 2011, then the recovery plan for bluefin tuna, recently adopted with so much difficulty, will probably be a complete failure.”

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    1 Response

    1. Joe Magro says:

      I would like to see that bluefin tuna fishing to stop altogether and the other fishing that should be used is by size of the fish.

      When I was there last summer I saw a fisherman who caught some fish that was about 2″ long and when I asked him why don’t you throw them back he replied by saying, if I throw them back the next man to fish here will catch them and he will keep them.

      So I would like to see some LAW>

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