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March outbound tourists up 2.3% on same month last year

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March outbound touists up 2.3% on same month last yearDuring March 2011, outbound tourist trips amounted to 23,061 – an increase of 2.3 per cent over the corresponding month last year. Total nights spent abroad during the first quarter were estimated at 434,344.

Outbound tourist trips to EU countries during March numbered 21,616, while non-EU trips stood at 1,445. EU trips increased by 2,676, whereas Non-EU trips declined by 2,160, when compared to March last year. The UK and Italy were the two most popular destinations among Maltese tourists, in line with previous years.

On a gender basis, male tourists outnumbered females by 2,349 and stood at 12,705. The majority of outbound trips were carried out by passengers aged between 25-44 (8,424), followed by the 45-64 age group (7,713).

The number of outbound tourist trips during the quarter under review stood at 61,701, up by 8 per cent when compared to 2010. EU outbound trips increased by 14 per cent to 54,668, with the UK and Italy being the main markets. Trips to Germany dropped slightly, while those to France remained practically unchanged. Non-EU trips registered a decrease of 24 per cent, and stood at 7,033.

Female outbound tourists amounted to 25,860, or 42 per cent of the total. Same-day visitors for the first quarter numbered 3,845, which is 31 per cent less than those recorded in the previous year.

Further analysis of outbound tourists for the first quarter of 2011 shows that 66 per cent resided in collective accommodation establishments, with the remaining 34 per cent opting for private accommodation. The average length of stay of outbound tourists for this period was calculated at 7.0 nights.

Almost half of outbound trips were undertaken for holiday and leisure purposes. These were followed by trips undertaken for business and professional purposes (24 per cent). Total outlay by Maltese tourists during this period stood at €53.3 million, equivalent to €123 per nighr.

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