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Kiwi is at the Gozo SPCA in Victoria waiting for a loving home

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Kiwi is at the Gozo SPCA in Victoria waiting for a loving homeThe Gozo SPCA rehoming centre in Victoria, are hoping to find a loving home for Kiwi.

She is about 2 years old and was rescued with her 3 puppies in a terrible state. Sadly only one puppy from her litter survived.

Kiwi has been at the centre for 6 weeks, getting a lot of love, care and attention from the centre’s volunteer staff, helping her and her surviving puppy get back in good health. She has now been neutered and microchipped.

Kiwi is a happy little dog, very friendly and loves going for walks and would make a great family pet. Her puppy Kimbo is now ready to be weaned, so Kiwi is ready and waiting for the loving home she so deserves.

If anybody thinks that they can help with a home for Kiwi, or any of the other animals at the Gozo SPCA centre, then please email You can also contact them on 21553769 and 99475199 or visit their website at:

A gallery is available which features many of the animals that are currently in need of new homes, which may be viewed by clicking this link.

Our previously published items on Gozo SPCA animals who are waiting for adoption can also be viewed in our Adopt a Pet section

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    14 Responses

    1. Lassie says:

      watch out whom you give them to they normally use them for target practice in gozo

    2. Gozoroo says:

      It`s about time the Authorities in Malta follow other countries regarding animals/pets control.
      In Australia all pets three months and older MUST be registered, de sexed (exceptions apply)and micro chipped through local councils.
      They must be kept on leash in public places. They can`t be on beaches on certain times of the year .
      There are also stations in parks with bags and waste bins for dogs dropping.
      Cats and dogs must not be left roaming the streets during the night. Heavy fines and jail apply.
      I read many sad articles on Maltese newspapers about animal cruelty, lost and abandoned cats and dogs.Star tops the lot.I can`t comprehend why tiny Malta can`t controll feral citizens.
      Why is it that after two hundred or so years of British rule, Malta is still behind the civilised world !!
      Concerned of Melbourne

    3. Robbie says:

      @ Gozoroo the reason I think is because the Maltese do not listen and I formed my opinion that they just do not like criticism from any outsiders, being for their good or not, they are as we say in Holland >Hardnekkig< and as you rightly say 200 years of British rule, most islanders, the Gozitans in particular, are more concerned in making money for their own gain, and animals well I leave that to your interpretation, cause they sure don't like to part with their money so how do you expect them to care or open such facilities for abandoned cats or dogs. I believe there are a couple of sanctuaries but managed by volunteers and money is short.

      Rob (Prin). Kennel Club NL/Belgium and Germany

    4. Hazel says:

      Unfortunately the Gozitans are the worst culprits regarding cruelty to animals, i read it a few days ago, seen the nasty pictures not so long ago on this very same newspaper, why do these people only think of making money are they going to take it to heaven with them or what., what about their poor animals who are suffering on a daily basis. A long harsh prison sentence would hopefully deter all such cruelty in Gozo and in Malta.

    5. Betty Berry says:

      I find these comments, about the Gozitan people, which appear to be submitted by foreigners, both unpleasant and ill-judged.

      Yes there are cases of cruelty in Gozo, as there are in all countries in the world and there is endless media fodder produced in the USA and the UK, citing cases of shocking cruelty in those countries. So why are cases of cruelty in Malta and Gozo paraded for the whole world to condemn?

      Your correspondent in Melbourne has obviously not visited the many dog and cat rescue centres in and around Melbourne; he would soon be aware that there is plenty of animal cruelty there too!

      Just be aware that there are many, many Gozitans (and Maltese) who love and care for their companion animals just as much as any of us and spend a large amount of money keeping their companions, often rescued strays, in the best of health. Do not condemn a nation because of the actions of a few.

      Let us hope that the new animal welfare laws will lead to more prosecutions and stronger penalties. Micro chips and ID tags on all dogs will surely stop many dogs being abandoned.

    6. Val Gregory says:

      Well said Betty

    7. Tony Stivala says:

      Well said indeed Betty. These foreigners ought to take a leaf out of Betty’s book. After what Betty went through lately with her fight to try to find an adaptable centre for animals. She is such a lady that you never heard her complain or write against any politician or any other big head on the island. and unlike some, she never shows any negative attitudes.
      I can repeat what Betty said most Gozitans love their animals. And I am saying this, also as a foreigner

    8. Gozoroo says:

      @ Betty. Yes we have had bad cases of animal cruelty, with 99% of perpetrators always apprehended. And yes we do have many rescue centres.

      The problem here is that people forget that pets are like children the older they grow the more expensive they get. So they take them to the centres once they can`t afford them any longer.

      My POINT is that tiny Malta population 400,000 should and could easily control animal welfare.

      May I add that we also have many cases of mouth to mouth resuscitation to pets and PET CEMETERIES. My german shepherd cost me a fortune in it`s last year alive before I had to euthanise it at the Lord Smith Vet clinic – I did not hit it on it`s head, shoot and bury it.
      Ignorance is no excuse.

    9. Robbie says:

      Ref: Betty >Well good but please Messrs. Betty do not try and defend the Gozitans have you by any chance read the latest news from Marsalforn? If not i suggest you to read – the AFM fished out 3 dogs bound together just off Marsalforn.

      Remember news travels fast and this is yet another thorn for Gozo, so please before defending the Calypso island I suggest you face reality, as this kind of nastiness happened umpteen times more then on their sister island of Malta. There are some people on the island that need educating on how to treat their animals without causing them unnecessary suffering.

    10. Martin Rowe says:

      It very much sounds that Lassie at the top of the page is right after all, regardless of the defenders of Gozo.

    11. allce says:

      i dont agree in euthanise if an animal has to die it has die naturally in my opinion because its cruel to put poison in the vein. i hate that nobody would want that on him even if he is suffering . I hate animal abuse that is why its crucial & important to make harsher laws but it will take lots of time i guess in Malta everything is slow.

      Education is the key but unfortunately there are those who do not care so control and laws are necessary on behalf of the suffering animals. For we are only their voice their defence whom truly love animals with facts is better and more effective more than words i guess.

    12. Gozo SPCA says:

      Kiwi has been rehomed this morning 🙂

    13. Mario Desira says:

      It has been a year now that we have adopted Kiwi. She has become a member of our family . We celebrate her birthday on the date she was adopted, her present among others) being a visit to gozospca to meet all the volunteers that have given all the love and care she had while being there.

    14. Gozo SPCA says:

      Thank you for taking such great care of Kiwi for us 🙂

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