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The Gozo Civil Protection Department rescues dog from well

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The Gozo Civil Protection Department rescues dog from wellLast Monday evening our Kelb tal-Fenek fell into an uncovered well on the outskirts of San Lawrenz. Luckily the well water was only a couple of metres below the ground, and she was able to bark to let us know of her location whilst treading water. However, the well head was far too small for anyone to get inside without risking collapsing the stone boulders around the well on top of her.

The Gozo Civil Protection Department were called and did a wonderful job – they turned up promptly, and without a fuss managed to slip a noose around our dogs head and gently lifted her out of the well. Our dog was completely unharmed, and after a quick shake, was soon running around as if nothing had happened. We would like to thank everyone at Gozo Civil Protection Department for saving our dog’s life.

Mark Thorogood & Akiko Miyahara


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    2 Responses

    1. Mary Wilson says:

      Well done to all those at the Civil Protection Gozo!! They do some amazing work that they don’t get Thanked for….so this a is a great story!

    2. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Fantastic, well done and a big thank you to the Civil protection Department in Gozo. Mark and Akiko you must be so happy – I remember seeing your lovely dog as a puppy.

      Perhaps such wells should have some sort of protective cover? I recall a man falling in a well some months ago in Malta. He luckily had his mobile with him.

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