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Government looking to improve laws in Animal Welfare Act

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Government looking to improve laws in Animal Welfare ActMinistry for Resources and Rural Affairs said in a statement this afternoon that, as already announced, that it is already carrying out a review on how to improve the law for the protection of animals.

“The change in the law this year, meant that now a person can be liable to a fine of up to €50,000 as well as a penalty of imprisonment of up to one year, with 19 cases of cruelty to animals brought to court to date,” the Ministry said.

As part of the revision of the law, the Government said it will look into ways of increasing the penalties. This exercise will involve the Animal Welfare Council, which includes representatives of NGOs. The Ministry said it will also welcome comments and proposals by the public and political parties.

The statement said that in the last 3 years since its setting up, the Department for the Protection of Animals had:

• Provided financial aid to animal sanctuaries;

• The St. Francis Centre was opened.

• 2, 000 dogs and cats had been taken in and almost half of these animals had been rehomed.

• Provided a 24-hour animal ambulance; and

Regulations had been put in place that all dogs are to be microchipped by the end of June of 2012.

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    1. Austin Duca says:

      I live in a semi detached house. my next door neighbour has TWO dogs running freely in the drive way. Everytime people walk by in the adjoining street these dogs start barking relentlessly. I spoke to the owner and neighbour next door but his reply was ‘dogs are supposed to bark’. Can you please give me some advise . Thank you.

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