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Teachers demand an immediate ban on cyber-bully websites

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cyber-bully.jpegThe Malta Union of Teachers has, during 2007, received information that two websites, one originating from Malta and another one from Gozo have been investigated by the police. These two cyber-bully sites were created by a group of students from two local Educational Institutions whose sole aim was to try and bring teachers, also mentioned by name, into disrepute. The Education authorities in Malta were informed of this abuse and immediate steps were taken.

In Scotland, for example Websites such as YouTube, LSN and found themselves in a controversy . The Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) insisted that these sites should be closed down immediately to prevent the bullying of staff and pupils.

Parents need to do more to tackle bad attitudes, especially in the light of figures such as the 640 primary school pupils who were suspended last year in Scottish Schools in 2006 for racist or lewd and sexually abusive behaviour, including bullying. Images of teachers and pupils being humiliated are regularly being posted on the web.

Sites such as RateMyTeachers allow people to vent their anger in the most humiliating of language, often years after a detention or rebuke was given for such relatively minor faults as failing to hand in homework on time.

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