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This can be the year of real change – Alternattiva Demokratika

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AD-Change.jpegAlternattiva Demokratika has described the new year as one in which real political change can come about if the people of Gozo and Malta decide to vote to bring in the third party into parliament and never more so if AD is part of the next government.

Chairperson Dr. Harry Vassallo said, “this can be the year of real change. The general election will give every person the change to change the country’s political landscape to one that is built around consensus politics rather than confrontational politics. This country will not experience any meaningful change if either the Nationalists or Labour Party are entrusted to govern this country on their own. The Nationalists, after more that 20 years in government have failed to bring about changes that were promised way decades ago, like a reform in the rent laws and the introduction of a Freedom of Information Act. They have also failed to introduce changes in party financing although this was promised a few months ago. Further the Nationalist government has become a slave to big business interests and has lost any credentials it may have hoped to have on the environment. The incompetence of certain ministers is marked further by the Prime Minister’s inability to bring such incompetent ministers to take responsibility for their actions.”

Dr. Vassallo added that “if Labour is left to govern on its own the Maltese can expect no real change because the Labour party will be equally committed in government to serve the interests of big business. The Labour party is only offering opportunistic and irresponsible proposals like an arbitrary cut in the electricity surcharge that will ultimately be financed by tax payers, or proposals like the removal in tax on overtime without explaining how this will be implemented. Labour’s environmental credentials are just as bleak as the Nationalists – a fact that can easily be evidenced by their commitment to building golf courses, even in areas like Ta’ Cenc.”

Dr. Vassallo criticised both parties for what he termed their “spinelessness when dealing with issues like vacant property, rent reform and divorce”. He said that “it is a complete shame that none of them can declare clear positions on these matters because of selfish electoral interests. In the meantime thousands of Maltese and Gozitans continue to suffer personal injustice and financial hardship. The only was that these country can be truly governable is when AD is entrusted to form part of the next government. We will ensure that issues that have been left on the political back-burner for decades will be given immediate priority, as well as guaranteeing that the next government we will form part of will be fully committed to Malta’s EU membership and ensuring that meritocracy and transparency take precedence over loyalty to the party in government and political servility.”

Finally Dr. Vassallo referred to the recent adoption of the Euro. He congratulated all those who through their work contributed towards being about this important financial and economic change. He encouraged government to continue to be vigilant so that the change continues to be as smooth as possible.

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