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Tomato season comes to an end at Magro’s Xewkija plant

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Tomato season comes to an end at Magro's Xewkija plantThe tomato season at the Magro plant in Xewkija has just come to an end. Managing director, Mr John Magro proudly announced that the 2011 “tomato season was excellent. The quality of the tomatoes was superb and the quantity was more than what was expected.” Mr Magro continued, “Just under eight thousand tons of fresh tomatoes were harvested by dedicated farmers across Malta and Gozo through contracts done with the three main producers organizers namely ‘Ghaqda produtturi tat-tadam Maltin’, ‘Ghaqda Ghawdxija tal-produtturi tat-tadam’ and ‘Ghaqda bdiewa produtturi tat-tadam.”

“This huge success in the quality of the tomatoes is partly due to the implementation of an integrated pest management program developed by the POs and Magro Brothers technical team.. Another important factor which contributed to this success is the fact that the majority of farmers are now knowledgeable about pest control procedures and good farm working practices after attending a course organized by the P0s and the Malta Standardisation Authority,” Mr Magro said.

“Together with our farmers, we are pleased that for the 2nd consecutive year, the ‘tuta absuluta’ problem was well managed,” confirmed Noel Camilleri resources manager at Magro Brothers.

Magro Brothers said it would like to thank all farmers and employees for their support and cooperation.

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    2 Responses

    1. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      Bravo to the Magro Brothers,,of Gozo,that looks to be a lot of tomatoes,I like to
      know if there are any larger tomatoes manufacturers in Malta ? It is a very common
      picnick outing ” kunserva u hobs biz-zejt ‘.Good luck to you !!

    2. Robert Hulett says:

      I love eating Tomatoes from Gozo . i have never tasted Tomatoes in Australia as good as Maltese tomatoes . I have not seen Magro canned tomatoes on Australian supermarket shelves , why ?

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