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Breast Screening Centre has screened 11,500 women

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Breast Screening Centre has screened 11,500 womenThe National Centre for Breast Screening was opened in October of 2009 with an investment of €1.6 million, between then and June 2011, 11,485 women have received a free mammogram.

Between January and June 2011, the percentage of women who attended the Breast Screening had gone up to 61%, resulting in 3,294 out of 5,358 women who were invited attended a mammogram session in the first six months of this year.

Of these, 33 woman who were found to have breast cancer at its earliest stage can be cured. 83 out of the 11,485 women tested since October 2009 have been found to have cancer.

The Minister of Health, the Elderly and Community Care, Joe Cassar, showed his appreciation for work and success of this service. “When saving a woman’s life, we are often saving the life of a mother, agrandmother … we are saving the family that loves the woman so dearly,” He continued, “this success has come because the work of the team of the National Centre for Breast Screening, who are persevering and determined., I thank them for all their work, as well as the women who accepted the invitation to attend the service and our appeal to more women accept our invitation” “

The next group of women who will be called will be those born in 1955. For more information please phone on 21227470 / 1.

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