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Harsh penalties needed in animal cruelty – Moviment Graffitti

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Harsh penalties needed in animal cruelty - Moviment GraffittiMoviment Graffitti has said in a statement this morning that “in view of the latest disturbing case of animal cruelty, where a man has yet again ruthlessly and brutally caused the death of Gaia, a loving innocent creature, Moviment Graffitti would like to reiterate it solidarity with Gaia and all other abused animals and call for harsher penalties in cases of animal abuse and cruelty. Unfortunately, Gaia’s case as the one of Star is one of many other cases of animal abuse and cruelty which happen on a regular basis on the Maltese Islands and often go unreported. These animals are victims of a mentality that sees them as objects rather than as salient beings, who experience pleasure and pain, happiness and suffering, in just the same way as we do.”

Moviment Graffitti continued saying that it “would like to laud the dedicated work that is continuously being carried out by Animal Welfare Officers and devoted volunteers to safeguard the welfare of animals. The movement would also like to commend the police force for taking concrete action in ensuring the arraignment of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. While we reiterate the need for harsher penalties as a deterrent, Moviment Graffitti believes that such penalties can only have a limited effect unless these laws are adequately enforced and are accompanied by awareness raising campaigns on the issue.”

Moviment Graffitti said it “is also of the belief that animal rights have much wider implications than just preventing such obvious forms of animal abuse and cruelty. Moviment Graffitti believes that all animals deserve respect and the right to life and liberty, whatever their species. Animals have the right to live, to be free, to be protected from torture and to live their lives free from oppression and exploitation. In view of this, Graffitti promotes vegetarianism as a cruelty-free lifestyle, and condemns the blood “sport” of hunting, as well as the use of animals for entertainment purposes such as in the case of animal circuses and dolphinariums, which are unfortunately still sanctioned by Government and local authorities.”

Moviment Graffitti concluded its statement by saying it “hopes that moved by such overt and disturbing cases of animal cruelty such as those of Gaia and Star, people will examine their own actions to prevent animals from undue pain and suffering. This will hopefully also pressure government to take more concrete actions to promote animal rights and curb animal cruelty. Moviment Graffitti would like to reiterate Mahatna Gandhi’s words that; “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Unfortunately, Gaia’s case provides once again a clear gauge of the lack of moral progress of our country and its people.”

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