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Charity swim around Gozo for Malta Guide Dogs Foundation

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Charity swim around Gozo for Malta Guide Dogs FoundationBusinessmen Simon Zammit, 46 and Sammy Attard, 45, are getting ready for the challenge of swimming the 37km stretch around Gozo. The swim for charity is to raise funds for the Malta Guide Dogs Foundation. Their hope is to raise at least €37,000.

Simon said, “it’s a tough swim with some strong undercurrents. But we’ve been training seriously for the last five months or so and think we can do it.”

The Malta Guide Dogs Foundation was set up in 2006 and aims to provide guide dogs to the blind. So far the Foundation has partnered six dogs with visually-impaired owners, with a list of 1,500 persons in Malta waiting for the help of guide dogs.

It costs around €14,000 to train one dog and that dog can then be expected to work as a guide for around seven to eight years.

Simon and Sammy said that, “we have spoken to some guide dog owners and each of them has explained just how important their dog has become in their life. It gives them so much independence and stops them having to rely on others for everything.”

The swim for charity will start at 7am this coming Saturday, the 22nd of October, from Mgarr Harbour and is expected to last around 11 hours.

The public is invited to show their support during the swim and can also donate to this worthy cause by sending a blank SMS to 5061 8903 (€6.99) or 5061 9201 (€11.65).

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