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Scrapping the Countryside – An appeal from RAM and FAA

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Tal-Brolli-Scrapyard.jpgThe Ramblers Association of Malta and Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar sympathise with residents of Wied Zembaq in Birzebbugia who have had put up with decades of living with the constant noise and dust pollution from the illegal scrapyard that continued to flourish in spite of enforcement orders by MEPA since 1993 and a court decree to transfer to an alternative site.

The NGOs appeal to the MEPA Appeals Board to bring this flagrant illegality to its deserved end when it convenes to decide the issue, and thereby render justice to a wronged nation and a decent life to the suffering residents.

The Board is reminded that the scrap-yard has thrived illegally and grown abusively for long years on the strength of the shameful MEPA system that allows repeated applications and appeals against enforcements to drag on endlessly, in this case for fourteen years. In the meantime it also mocked the law of the land by tendering for, and unbelievably obtaining, Government contracts. It seems no system monitors that every beneficiary of Government tenders is in conformity with the law.

The Board is reminded that the same scrap-yard defaces and damages a beautiful valley, which MEPA itself declared an Area of Ecological Value, a Site of Scientific Importance and a Rural Conservation Area. “The direct conflict between the activity taking place and the site upon which it is being carried out cannot be emphasised more” wrote the Case Officer.

Not to mention the archaeological sites of Borg in-Nadur and Ghar Dalam being only 300 meters away and their surrounding area being a designated a Heritage Park. Or has scrap indeed become an inherent part of Maltese Heritage?

The NGOs and the long-suffering residents call on the Board to stop forthwith the violation of the law and to apply direct action to clear without delay the obnoxious scrap and affront against civility, perpetrated for so long by the bullying tactics of the offender and his protectors.

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