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Moviment Graffitti Against the Militarisation of Mediterranean

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Moviment GraffitiMoviment Graffitti is once again reiterating its position in favour of peace and against military machinery that has the potential and is utilised to kill thousands of persons in unjust wars. This is being restated in the light of the news that a huge Russian vessel packed with armaments is sailing in the Mediterranean sea, where it is expected to anchor in international waters in the vicinity of Maltese territory to carry out military exercises along with other vessels from the Russian navy.

Moviment Graffitti states that: “The high level of navigation by military vessels in the Mediterranean Sea is of great concern. Moviment Graffitti has repeatedly voiced its opposition to such situation, especially when foreign military vessels enter Maltese harbors. This surely goes in contradiction to the idea that the Mediterranean should be a region of peace. Militarisation leads to a greater potential for increasing tension between different countries, and also sends the message that war is something necessary.”

Moviment Graffitti also states that, “We note with concern that this Russian military vessel is fully armed and that it will be carrying out military exercises. Apart from the fact that we view such ‘war games’ as a waste of resources and a proof of the increasing militarisation among countries around the world, such issue is also of concern due the fact such exercises carry great risks of incidents that can have tragic consequences. In fact several incidents have been reported during such exercises. A particular case in which Russia was specifically involved relates to that of the nuclear submarine Kursk. In the year 2000 two explosions on this Russian submarine which took place during the carrying out of military exercises led to the sinking of the submarine and to the death of its crew; while it also created the danger of massive radioactive emissions. Therefore, it is very worrying that military vessels which can also uphold nuclear material, will anchor and carry out exercises near Maltese territory.”

Moviment Graffitti, as it has frequently done in the past, appeals to the Maltese Government and authorities to take a clear and active position in favour of worldwide peace and against war.

Andre’ Callus f/Moviment Graffitti

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