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Karate seminar held yesterday featuring Master Borut Kinci

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Karate seminar held yesterday featuring Master Borut KinciA seminar was held yesterday at the Gozo Sports Complex, in Victoria, organised by the Gozo Karate Club, and inaugurated by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono.

The seminar featured Shihan Borut Kincl, 6th Dan Black Belt, founder and head of the Kempo Arnis Federation (KAF and Head Instructor of the Special forces of Slovenia.

The seminar, which was held between 10am and 3pm covered:

Okinawan Karate as a full combat system, working on habitual acts of physical violence;

Bunkai (Kata interpretation) for realistic self-defence situations;

Tegumi (Okinawan hand-drills) to improve natural reactions and enable performance of Tuite in real-life situations;

and Kempo Arnis Tactical, the martial art of the Slovenian Special Forces.

Scenarios included tactical combat situations, tactical escape, control tactics, transition to weapons, knife fighting and sparring. It catered for every skill level from basic through intermediate to very complex.

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