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Gozo and Malta deserves the Third Party in Parliament – AD

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ADSpeaking at Munxar, Alternattiva Demokratika Chairperson Dr Harry Vassallo said, “From the most minor and local issues to the most serious questions of democracy, and the quality of governance, the pattern is the same, promises are made but not taken seriously by anybody. The playingfield at Munxar has become a national symbol of political cynicism and its result. What was promised for thirty years has not yet been delivered and what eventually will be delivered is not what was promised. Meanwhile the extravagant expenditure on what is not needed leaves voters feeling exasperated but helpless.”

“The profound change which we all seek cannot be brought about by any political party which prevents a discussion of practical and important issues in a campaign of fear. Neither of the other parties can bring about the change we need because both of them want to maintain the present system which leaves voters feeling helpless, without remedies against those who win an election,” Dr Vassallo said.

“Munxar local council appears to be able to disregard not only its promises but also the development permits it has itself applied for and obtained. Yet another generation of Munxar children have outgrown the long promised playground. On a very small scale the government of Munxar follows on the pattern of every one-party government in being unaccountable,” Dr Vassallo said.

“The presence on Alternattiva Demokratika in several councils since 1994 has changed the way in which local government works in those localities.” Dr Vassallo said. “In many cases we have provided an excellent example of cooperation between different political parties while providing our own ideas and criticism. In such localities residents have an example of the accountability of their representatives when a Green presence can provide a response to maladministration and more often by preventing it,” Dr Vassallo said.

“The contribution which Alternattiva Demokratika makes is possible because voters have supported us and introduced a new element which eliminates the one party system and introduces a much higher level of accountability. With Alternattiva Demokratika in parliament, the quality of governance in the whole country will rise far above that inflicted on Munxar residents by the two party system. If voters feel that they deserve something better than the government of Munxar on a national level, they have to create it for themselves by ending the two party system in our parliament.” Dr Vassallo concluded.

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