Public Lecture on Drugs and Alcohol amongst Youths

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Public Lecture on Drugs and Alcohol amongst YouthsThe harmful use of drugs and alcohol is one of the world’s leading health risks. Even though drugs and alcohol are at the top of many government’s agendas, the topic of many different campaigns and the study of many scholars and researchers, thousands of people still die every year as a result of drugs or alcohol abuse.

This coming Wednesday, the 23rd of November 2011, the International Office within the Maltese National Youth Council (KNZ), in collaboration with the US Embassy in Malta, is organising a public lecture on Drugs and Alcohol abuse amongst youths. The venue of the lecture is Dar L-Ewropa in Valletta and it will start at 6:00 pm.

All academics, policy makers, students, researchers, and the general public with interest in this topic are invited to attend. The lecture will be delivered by an expert in the field of substance abuse, U.S. Fulbright Prof. Barry Jackson, who created the Drug, Alcohol and Wellness Network (DAWN) at Bloomsburg University (US).

For more information kindly contact Mr. Euchar Sultana on

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