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Alice’s Adventures Underground by Naupaca Dance Factory

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Alice's Adventures Underground by Naupaca Dance FactoryNaupaca Dance Factory’s contemporary dance interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, entitled ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground,’ is being performed at the Aurora Opera House in Victoria Gozo, on Saturday, the 10th of December.

Naupaca Dance Factory said that “this interpretation will attempt to translate the story’s Victorian quest for the origins of selfhood into an exploration of the materiality of the body. The project will attempt to bring to bear upon the story of Alice, the wandering female figure, postmodern theoretical accounts of identity and subversion. Adopting a postfeminist stance, referring mainly to Judith Butler’s notions of performativity and gender, ‘Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ proposes to explore the sense of the abnormal and the unintelligible which resides within wonderland, within the spaces that exist outside of the boundaries of normativity. In Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, bodily movement – choreography – will strive to articulate unspeakable desires as nonhuman, ahuman and posthuman bodies are unveiled and enlivened.”

“Creating a choreographic response to Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Naupaca Dance Factory will primarily focus on attempting to create passages of movement, accompanied by and structured around textual, visual and musical material, in order to present a danced interpretation to Carrollian language and narrative. The project will present dancers who will inhabit and identify with words and images, articulating through the body, through the ephemerality of dance, the literary and the symbolical.” Naupaca Dance Factory continued that,”obviously, there exists no literal translation of word for bodily movement, yet, the translation from the literary to the kinetic will occur through the medium of dance and abstract gesture. Movement as staged spectacle, is ultimately made up of fragments of time and space, gathered from the dance studio, recorded into the muscle memory of the moving body. This is precisely why choreography is the ideal tool with which the vagaries of Carroll’s language can be translated into dance. Precise metaphor may elude choreographed bodily movement, yet, the audience who might not grasp precise meaning and story, will, ultimate, sense, perceive and respond to the theatricalised movement of Alice’s Adventure’s Under Ground. It is around this meeting of spectacle and audience, performer and stranger, self and other, that Alice’s Adventures Under Ground will revolve. For, Carroll’s work generously validates this process, this strong sense of encounter.”

“Avoiding the recognisable symmetry of classical ballet, or for that matter, of other existing dance forms, the choreography for Alice’s Adventures Under Ground will present technical skill and facility as a means through which the written can be transformed into the visual, and the fantastical actualise,” Naupaca Dance Factory said.

In the leading roles Naupaca Dance Factory are introducing Denise Buttigieg as Alice, Deborah Agius as the Cheshire Cat, Yosef Farrugia as the Mad Hatter, Dorian Mallia as the March Hare, Jasmine Buttigieg as the White Rabbit, Sandra Grech as the Caterpillar, Julia Camilleri as the Queen of Hearts, Monique Cauchi as the Pigeon, Romina Grech as the Cook, Rachel Galea as the Duchess, Anna Grech as the Golden Key, Emma Farrugia as the Dormouse, Hannah Theuma as the Hyacinth Girl and Amira Schiberras as Alice’s Flamingo. An additional 150 participants will also take part in group dances.

This contemporary dance interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice Adventures Under Ground’ is Directed by Joeline Tabone and Choreographed by Joeline Tabone, Deborah Agius, Yosef Farrugia and Lara Vella. Production Design and Costumes by Luke Azzopardi. Concept by Maria Theuma. Original Music Score Composition and Mastering by Lukas Grech. Lighting Design by Donald Camilleri. External Resources Coordination by Maria Buttigieg. Hair and Make-Up by Lara Theuma at Toni&Guy Gozo and Adriana Mallia. Stage Management by Teddy Mizzi and Anthony Buhagiar. Marketing Design and Press Relations covered by

Tickets at €10 or €15 can be booked sending an email to with a Name & Surname, number of seats and any specific seating preferences. The seating plan can be found here. Alternatively, tickets can be booked directly from Aurora box office in Victoria. The box office telephone number is 21559452 or 21562974 and is open Monday to Saturday 8am to 12pm, Monday and Tuesday 4pm to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 11.30am, or from Island Books, Mosta.

The doors open at 7.30pm and the performance of’Alice’s Adventures Under Ground’ starts at 8.00pm.

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