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Santa Lucija’s ‘Festival of Light’ by the Fondazzjoni Ta Klula

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Santa Lucija's 'Festival of Light' by the Fondazzjoni Ta KlulaOn Saturday, the 10th of December, The Fondazzjoni Ta Klula are oranising the ‘Festival of Light.’ The event will take place in Santa Lucija Square, Gozo.

A number of young girls, dressed in long white gowns with a wreath of lit candles on their heads will parade in the square where a large bonfire is also lit.

Santa Lucija buns are distributed to all those present and a brass band also participates in the celebrations.

Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the village is associated with lengthening days and more sunlight, the protector of light.

The festivities will get underway at 7pm, everyone is warmly invited to attend.

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