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SMOM Gozo Volunteers provide aid for Russian charity

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SMOM Gozo Volunteers provide aid for Russian charityFor the past few months, apart from the continuous assistance to the IGO-Aid Foundation, a Libyan-Maltese aid organisation focusing on Misurata and other Libyan towns, the Order of Malta Gozo Volunteers has also kept up with its previous missions and aid services as well as assisting its established beneficiaries.

One of the missions,the Russian Maltese Aid organisation is led by Dr Oleg Silianov a devout Catholic doctor who performs medical services for the needy. Dr Silianov has visited Malta twice and his organisation has been assisted by the Maltese Association of the Order of Malta and other independent Maltese charities. The Russian charity provides help to a large number of Catholic families who suffer from poverty and to children in orphanages in the region.

Over the past years, this Russian Catholic organisation, which is based in the cities of Tula and Kursk, received a large number of gifts from Malta, in particular the Order of Malta Gozo Volunteers sent several boxes full of medical supplies, ophthalmic products, baby clothes and first aid manuals.

Dr Oleg Silianov said that he wishes to thank all those persons who were instrumental in providing this much needed aid, describing it as God’s Providence.

There is a large Catholic community in Tula and six years ago the Russian Government handed back to the Catholic community their church, which had originally been forced to close and wasactually confiscated by the Communist regime.

Anyone wishing to help or to get in touch with the Russian Maltese Aid Organisation, can telephone the Order of Malta Gozo Volunteers on 79 55 22 11

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