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Equipment and assistance needed for a new Mission in Peru

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Equipment and assistance needed for a new Mission in PeruThe Missionary Knights are a group of volunteers who are helping a new Mission in Peru. The group have been asked if they can send the following equipment to a Mission in the forest at Selva.

They desperately need machines to make shoes for a shoe factory; they also need sewing machines in good working order of course. They need sinks and beauty salon and hair salon equipment to open a school. We were also asked for woodwork machines to use in a new trade school. Voltage is 240 like Malta.

Apart from the equipment they would also acknowledge a Volunteer to teach them how to operate a TV Station, mixing, editing, transmitting, and setting up a studio. This person would have to have a little bit of command in Spanish and is willing to travel to Peru preferably in the coming March or April for some months. He or she will stay in a motel and have meals 3 times a day. Two volunteers are also needed to teach English from April till November. Lodging and food will be provided. Vaccine has to be taken three months beforehand.

Anyone wishing to help can contact the group by emailing

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