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Qala Primary School Celebration Day & inauguration of works

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Qala Primary School Celebration Day and works inaugurationWorks carried out at Qala Primary School, has been inaugurated by the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono. The refurbishment work included artificial turf for for sports lessons as well as for the students enjoyment during play time. Other work carried out recently consisted of the establishment of a new clinic, replacement of tiles, decoration of some of the school area, new lighting and the installation of interactive white boards among others.

During the inauguration ceremony the Minister for Gozo was accompanied by officials from the education section within the Ministry for Gozo together with the Head of School Ms Sandra Casarini.

In her speech the Minister said that “strengthening the education sector on the island has always been and still remains a priority of the present Government.” She added that “in recent years, the education sector in Gozo had experienced substantial improvements through several works including the construction and inauguration of a new secondary school for boys, as well as maintenance work, restructuring and modernisation in all schools. Equipment and facilities have also been provided to promote and encourage a welcoming and safe learning environment. The Ministry for Gozo sees the education sector as a key objective in its work and that is why through the coordinated work of the education section within the Ministry for Gozo we are increasingly looking to improve facilities in our schools.” The Minister explained how sport and physical exercise are matters of relevance to be promoted even in the context of the eco-Gozo vision.

To mark the occasion , the Minister for Gozo planted a tree in the school garden and also distributed prizes to students for the school’s Celebration Day. The activities during the day included singing the school anthem, a message from the Student Council, ‘Christmas Around the World,’ a show by students from the classes of Kinder 1 and Year 6 and a presentation of books for the school library provided to schools as an initiative of the eco-Gozo project.

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    2 Responses

    1. EMMANUEL MAGRO says:

      Thanks to the Minister of Gozo,and to the Minister Dolores Cristina,of visit to Qala
      Primary School in Gozo.were you when my poor father told me that at age of 13,
      I had to quit going,to school,because he needed me to help him work in the fields,
      he will wake me up at 4 am, to go hear Mass,and have breakfast and then prepare
      our mule to go Qasam,jew it-Trunciera or Hondoq ir- Rummien or Ta -Cikka,Why
      the Government Education System,did not impose a law that children could not
      stop going until they reach the age of 17 or 18.? Have a Blessed Chtistmas.

    2. Peter says:


      Kemm ghandek eta Emmanuel ,tider li ghandek qrib il-100 sena !!!!!!!!!!!

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