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Qala Creek project appeal decision postponed on legal issue

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Qala Creek project appeal decision postponed on legal issueThe MEPA board hearing of an appeal by the developers of the proposed Hondoq project, has now been postponed

The hearing, which was due to be heard on Tuesday morning was postponed due to a legal issue and both MEPA and the developers have to respond within two months

The plans, which originally included the development of a large hotel, real estate units and a yacht marina, brought a public outcry. The developers then dropped the idea of the marina, limiting themselves to a ‘swimming lagoon’ for the proposed Qala Creek project.

MEPA has said that these amendments must be submitted in a new application. The postponement has been made to allow time for both MEPA and the developers of the proposed Qala Creek Project to respond on legal issues.

Environmental NGOs Moviment Harsien Hondoq, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Ramblers Association, FOE Malta, Nature Trust, GUG, Din l-art helwa and Wirt Ghawdex, said in October 2011, that they had studied the 2009 EIS Co-ordinated Report where the developers themselves stated “the project would struggle if it had to be developed as a stand-alone hotel.” They say that the “project is expected to double the 5-star room capacity in Gozo, despite the current demand for five-star hotel properties in Gozo being weak.”

Both the environment unit and Transport Malta had recommended that the application be turned down.

The NGOs had urged MEPA to refuse such a project and to revert the land to its original designation as a nature park.

The Qala Local Council had said previously “that it had already investigated the various aspects of creating an environment and heritage park, a project that would draw much-needed tourists to Gozo, and support existing hotels and catering establishments.”

The SOS Hondoq petition is available for signing by Clicking Here.

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    10 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Why are MEPA dragging this thing out? No one wants this development except the developers and everyone who matters has recommended that the application be turned down. Are MEPA trying to find a way of pushing this development through and if so why?

    2. cikku l-poplu says:

      This makes you wonder why Mr Tyrrell this case has been going for over nine years and from what I hear the Qala local comunity won`t give up that easy.

      Look at what happened to our Chambray and Mgarr hotel. Never and I repeat Never, ever believe the promises that you would get from these sort of people when their only interest is their pockets

    3. Gozoroo says:

      @ Cikku

      Rest assure that tyrrell will huff and puff untill he will blows their plans away for good, from where ever his abode is !!!!

    4. mario Pace says:

      Hondoq will be saved because after nine years Giovanna is going by what Mepa has told the developers, that is refusal ,and now she is agreeing .Before she was in favour .So for all those years while she was in favour what has really happened for Giovanna to change her heart.

      Could it be that the election is very close????????

    5. peter paul says:

      Mario you have forgot to ask Dr Chris Said if he is favour as well .

      Let`s all show that no one is going to take Hondoq area from us without a fight .

      Let`s hope that Mepa will refuse this silly application

    6. Bertu says:

      Mepa keep your word and refuse this barbaric application .

      For once be on the people`s side

    7. Lesley Kreupl says:

      How easy it will be just to turn a swimming lagoon into a marina after all the buildings have been completed!
      Are MEPA really so dumb?
      Is the PM (as head of MEPA) really so ignorant?
      Is the Gozo Royal Family so desperate for cash?
      Shame on all you politicians, pen-pushers and developers and may a million jellyfish caress you in your swimming lagoon!

    8. Janet X says:

      My younger years were spent at Hondoq this was more than 30 years ago.I intend to visit Hondoq this coming year

      Now I am over 50 years and just to think that someone wants to take away Hondoq ir Rummien from all of us is sheer greed .Everyone has got to do it`s utmost to defend this bay from these greed.

      People from Qala don`t let that area to be given on a silver plate so the rich will get richer .

      Thunder from down under

    9. Salvinu says:

      Janet i understand and i agree, this is why Hondoq is Heaven and this is why eveyone wants to stay and visit, including many tourists and returning migrants , as oppose to Australia where everyone knows where it is but nobody wants to go or stay in Australia, its not exactly heaven or Hondoq or Gozo is it, be honest. Long Live Gozo and leave Hondoq as God made it.

    10. Gozoroo says:

      @ Salvinu
      Whats your point mate? Hondoq ir-Rummien is a creek not a beach. It is popular only for one reason, being a little quaint place well protected from the elements and still unspoiled by development, and lets keep it that way. What do you mean nobody wants to go or stay in Australia? Are you comparing Hondoq with Aussie beaches, Have you ever stepped on a plane? What I can uderstand is not many Maltese can afford a holiday trip Down Under. And modern Malta offers more work opportunities then the sixties and seventies, as it is in the EU, Come to Surfers Paridise or The Gold Coast to name two of the best and you`ll know where heavens is.
      Thunder from Down Under 1

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