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Waste separation-at-source scheme to commence on April 1st

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recycling.jpgCommencing on the 1st of April, rubbish trucks will be making a special collection for tin, plastic and paper. The scheme, which follows a three-year-long process of discussion involving the government, local councils and the industry will run on a trial basis, financed by the government until June at a cost of around €250,000 (Lm107,325).

Special rubbish bags will be available from local councils free of charge as from March and the collection for recyclable material will be made weekly, on a Tuesday in Malta and on a Monday in Gozo. Regular rubbish will continue to be collected as at present. Other arrangements will be made specifically for businesses.

People will be expected to place tin, paper, cartons and plastic all together in their waste-separation bags as the material will then be separated again mechanically at the recently-inaugurated Sant’Antnin plant in Marsascala.

The scheme will be largely financed by the private sector. The fees that businesses will pay for the collection of their waste will exempt them from the eco tax but that money will, in turn, pay to finance the scheme.

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