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A treasure in our hands – series of publications on St Lawrence

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st-Lawrence-publication.jpgThe parish of St Lawrence have recently announced that a publication will be issued regularly with information on the Patron saint St Lawrence.

The parish is referring to this initiative as a ‘treasure of information.’ This ‘treasure’ is a series of publications regarding St Lawrence with the aim of giving us the opportunity to learn more about our Patron saint, St Lawrence, during this year.

These publications will lead to the actual feast of St Lawrence on the 10th of August 2008. With the help of this information we will be able to increase our knowledge about the life and also important studies related to the life of this great saint who, during this year, all the world will be celebrating the 1750th anniversary from his martyr.

The first publication, which will be distributed this week, deals with the martyr as explained in the Holy Scriptures, and also contains an article about the teachings of the last popes about St Lawrence.

This initiative will repeat itself and every month there will be a publication on various subjects. At the end of this series these publications will be gathered into one book.

The name of this series is “Lawrence – Witness of Christ and Servant of the Church”. Every publication will cost only €1 but whoever wants to give a greater donation can do so.

Those who are not parishioners of San Lawrenz and wish to subscribe to this series can contact the Parish Office on 21556073.

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