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52 immigrants intercepted in Gozo and Malta this morning

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52 immigrants made it ashore in Gozo and Malta this morningUpdate: 52 immigrants were intercepted by Police in Gozo and Malta this morning. Around 29 in Malta and 23 in Gozo.

Confusion as to the actual status of the immigrants has been going on for most of the day-It was first thought that the immigrants were actually trying to flee the island.  However, Police have now said in a statement that they did in fact land illegally.

The immigrants in Gozo were spotted around the Qbajjar area, in Malta they were seen on the cliffs near to Manikata.

The immigrants said that they were from Palestine, Egypt and Libya.

The Police were assisted in the operation by the Armed Forces of Malta.

Police investigations are ongoing.

File photo.

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    1. george palmer says:

      What is Malta going to with them all?

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