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Gozo Diocese welcomes Naprotechnology service in Gozo

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Gozo Diocese welcomes Naprotechnology service in GozoAt a meeting presided by H.E Bishop Mario Grech, held on Saturday, the Presbiterial Council* of the Gozo Diocese issued the following statement:

“We gladly welcome the news that as from yesterday the Health Authorities, through the Gozo General Hospital, began offering a service known as Naprotechnology to Maltese and Gozitan married couples who experience difficulty in having a child.

“In the majority of cases, through Naprotechnology science helps to overcome physiological and psychological difficulties that render the man or the woman infertile, and allows the child to be conceived in a natural way that respects the integrity of the unitive and procreative act of the married couple.

“This technology is opposed to other scientific proposals that try to solve the problem of infertility by substituting the conjugal act with the procreation of human life in the laboratory. In addition, Naprotechnology excludes completely every possible risk of manipulation or destruction of human life, and also avoids any exploitation of the couple or health risk for the woman. Because it respects the nature of the conjugal act and life, naprotechnology is ethically and morally acceptable.

“This initiative of the Health Department is in line with the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church as explained a few weeks ago by our Bishop, H.E Mgr Mario Grech. On that occasion, while he appealed to people of science to help infertile couples overcome their difficulty with methods that are truly ethically good, the Bishop appealed to “the State to provide through the health system, funded by public money, services that are morally sound and are in keeping with the oath binding doctors as defenders of human life, so that those couples who are suffering from this problem receive assistance” (Homily of 30th March 2012).

“We believe it is providential that this service was inaugurated on the eve of Mother’s Day, because with this technology the State is truly helping those couples who have the legitimate desire to receive the gift of life,” the statement concluded.

*The Presbyteral Council is a group of priests representing all the priests of the Diocese assisting the Bishop in his administration.

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